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Whether you have owned a business for 30 years or are just starting out on your own, it's important to embrace principles that will help you succeed. In the course of running my business, I have an opportunity to speak with experienced professionals with decades of industry knowledge. I also consult with entrepreneurs just taking their first steps in the world of business ownership. Experienced pros come to the table with tons of great information and systems experience, but they are sometimes stubborn about changing their ways to meet current trends. The newbie business owner has a thirst for knowledge and is quite willing to do whatever it takes to be successful, but often lacks a strong network and resources needed to get their flywheel going. But I love their enthusiasm. However, either can be successful.

Great content paired with an outdated website is like putting jet fuel in a 1972 Ford Pinto.

It is essential anyone looking for success in today's business climate adapt to today's business trends. Business is moving faster today than it ever has, and those that adapt will flourish. For many, it will mean complete systems changes from the "old days." Just as the vinyl record was replaced by the CD, which was replaced by the digital file, the evolution in business is now and it's constant, but don't blink. Don't get lost, don't give up and by no means, don't fight it. Embrace these three trends and you are on your way to making a successful go of it.

The Internet is Here to Stay

Hello Captain Obvious, it's not just for email anymore. I lump a lot into this first trend and I could write a book about all of the trends the internet has created. Think about all the new technology at your fingertips. Cloud-based computing, social media marketing and analytics play a starring role in pushing and pulling information. While technology is key in getting and giving information, the most successful businesses will be able to master technology but still provide a human element as well. Being a trendsetter in social media marketing and sales but having no one available to personally respond to customer inquiries and problems is not good. If you can't provide a smile, a pleasant word and a handshake, you are creating a recipe for business disaster. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and other social channels should no longer be handled by the intern. Social media has earned the right to be out of the broom closet and up on the executive level. The businesses that will have the steepest growth curve will understand how social media impacts the bottom line, how reading and understanding analytics is needed to survive and success will be earned by those able to forecast and change overnight, based upon analytics.

Content is King

Blogging, writing and sharing content with existing customers and potential customers will no longer be the exception, it will become the rule. Well over 30 million pieces of content are shared daily and what is most interesting is that although lots of great information is provided by business, many of the same businesses lack the website structure to actually convert all of the traffic generated to anything more than a web hit. It's equivalent to putting jet fuel into a 1972 Ford Pinto. It's about to blow up on it's frame. If you are still driving around in a beater, it's time for you to get that web heap into the body shop for a needed facelift. Don't spend good money on bad structure. Don't delay, provide a worthy home for your content to reside. Also, you need to be the expert in your industry. Poll your management team, have them share the responsibility of writing content for you to distribute. Interview your existing client base (if you have clients) and get your info out on social media. Although you want to make sure your content is grammatically correct and free of statistical errors, don't wait to have four editors, 17 fact checkers and the CEO approval. You need content and you need it now. Update frequently, stay connected to your market and provide content that is relevant, interesting and easy to read.

Adapt or Perish

It's no longer enough to rely upon your reputation. Market your business like you just opened your doors yesterday. If trends continue as they have been for several years, waiting for the phone to ring because you have done an outstanding job is one way to assure that you will probably not be around for long. Potential customers are doing most of the research on their own. They are more educated than ever before and willing to sacrifice less because they know they can get what they want from someone else if you can't provide an exact fit.

It's a matter of business life or death. You need to steer your ship with the current. If your business either chooses to ignore the trends or work against them, you a riding an uphill climb in the wrong gear. If the trends don't seem familiar to you, consider this an advance warning to get someone onboard to help. I am a believer in having the experts do what they do best. No need for you to reinvent yourself. Do some research and find someone that is an expert in your industry to help. Struggling with where to start? I would be glad to make some recommendations for you, send me a message or provide a comment below and I will connect with you. 2015 can be your year to boom or it can be your year to bust. Work hard at moving with the trends, it will make a huge difference for your business.


Doug Sandler has a book called Nice Guys Finish First. It can be purchased on Amazon or on his website



What is Simultaneous Interpretation?
Simultaneous interpretation is facilitating the communication of speech from one language to another in real-time allowing presentations or conversations to flow naturally, without delay. The interpreted speech is usually heard by using a wireless receiver with earphone. This service might also be called conference interpretation, language interpretation or even simultaneous translation. 

What type of equipment is required for Simultaneous Interpretation?
Interpretation Booths: Interpretation booths are used to provide sound insulation for the interpreters. They allow them to work in a quiet environment while blocking their voice from distracting the meeting attendees. Inside the booths, the interpreters will receive an audio feed of the floor channel (the current speaker in the meeting) and simultaneously interpret into another language. 

Interpreter Consoles: The console is the central working station for interpreters allowing them to receive, transmit and control the audio. Two interpreters in a same language booth might share one console but individual microphones are always preferred. 

Language Distribution: Language distribution provides the audio of the interpreted languages to the meeting attendees who require interpretation. For the majority of conferences, this is done wirelessly. In the world of interpretation there are two technologies used to wirelessly transmit language channels: Infrared (IR) or Radio Frequency (RF). Both IR and RF have their advantages and disadvantages, as follow:

Infrared (IR):
- No interference from cell phones, Wi-Fi and other RF devices. 
- Secure and Confidential. Using IR prevents eavesdropping or confidential information to be heard outside of the meeting room.
- Audio quality: high fidelity, CD quality audio. 
- More Channels: IR can accommodate up to 32 channels, while RF rarely goes beyond 8 channels.

Radio Frequency (RF):
- Easy to setup, the signal travels further and is non-directional.
- No need for emitter panels. IR requires a technician to setup emitters throughout the room for coverage.
- Multiple-room broadcast from one location: RF signals can travel through walls allowing listeners to be in different rooms.

Who provides interpretation equipment?
Conference Equipment Providers: Conference equipment providers tend to provide the best interpretation equipment and the best service. They are able to do this because their business is completely focused on simultaneous interpretation. Their staffs are specifically trained to work with interpretation equipment and interpreters to ensure the meeting runs smoothly. Since interpretation is a niche market, it's just as essential for the staff to be knowledgeable as it is for the equipment to be up-to-date. 

Audiovisual Companies: The same companies that rent projection screens and sound systems will sometimes offer simultaneous interpretation equipment. Most A/V companies do not specialize in this service and own a minimal amount of equipment. Other A/V companies will offer the service and sub-rent the equipment from the aforementioned conference equipment providers.

Language Service Providers (LSP): LSPs are companies that offer mostly translation, but occasionally interpretation services as well. Some of the larger LSPs have an interpretation department. Usually they specialize in hiring and managing conference interpreters, but some companies provide the equipment as well. Those LSPs who do not own their own equipment will often source the service from conference equipment providers.

What should you look for in an interpretation equipment provider?
References: As a meeting planner, it is important to look at a vendor's references to ensure that they have experience in the type of event needed for your client. If your client is a large international law firm planning an annual meeting, ask prospecting vendors for a reference that meets those criteria.

Response Time: The time it takes a vendor to return calls, provide a quote and answer your questions, says a lot about a company's overall customer service and reflects on their service during an event. 

Equipment: Beyond the general type of equipment offered, check with your prospective vendor the condition of the equipment used, the make and model and when the equipment was purchased. Since the meeting attendees will be in physical contact with this equipment (specifically the receivers) you want to make sure they are not using clunky, outdated equipment.

Possibly the most important part of choosing a vendor is how comfortable you feel with them. The criteria mentioned can help you determine what you can expect, but the comfort level that you have with a vendor can set your mind at ease.

Edited by Alexis La Broi, CMP, MBA, Media Vision,
Reprinted with permission from Andrew Murphy, Conference Rental,

Conference Rental is a nationwide conference equipment rental provider with offices in D.C., New York and San Francisco. Media Vision is a conference equipment seller with offices in the U.S., Canada, France, Belgium, Geneva and Scandinavia.  
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