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Summer is in full swing and frankly, it’s HOT as you know what! So how do you keep your attendees engaged, your clients hydrated and yourself cool? Here are a few tips to beat the summer heat and keep your attendees focused.

1. Drink your weight in H2O! OK, not your actual weight, but you should drink eight 8OZ (1 cup) servings of water each day, If you are nursing or pregnant, more water is needed, about 10 – 12 cups. If you feel thirsty then guess what, you’re already dehydrated. Try to drink one cup of water for every hour you are at work, then voila, you are all set for the day! Want some flavor? Green Tea is a wonderful cooling agent and anti-oxidant. Set it out for your luncheons and breaks in place of sodas; maybe do a flavored tea station: green, mango, sweet – the possibilities are endless!

2. Ditch the salty and fried foods. Salt is the worst when it comes to staying cool in the summer. It is a severe diuretic and can suck your body dry of essential liquids. Fried foods also are a no no in the summer sun as they are often way too heavy and can create an unmotivated lethargic mood in your attendees. Opt for lightly salted and non fried alternatives; you can even ask the chef to ease up on the salt (then stand back) and pick options without a girdle of fried crust!

3. Cool the body with melons, specifically watermelon, known as the "White Tiger" of fruit as it clears the body of heat. For an afternoon break, in place of those cookies and brownies we all love, order up some fresh melons, strawberries, blueberries and if you must have carbs, got with the granola bars vs the sweets.

4. Eat less. I’m not saying starve yourself, I’m saying eat as much as you normally would, but eat the foods that are less taxing on your digestive system. A big steak luncheon or dinner in the summer is not a great idea. Replace that digestive nightmare with a fresh white fish or a 3 oz. grilled chicken breast spread over a bed of summer greens. Lighter is less, so eat less!

5. Relax and enjoy! Summer is short here in the DC Metro area, so live it up and be smart about it!  Use SPF 25 or higher, keep a bottle of water with you always, wear lighter clothing and hats, stay in the shade when possible and drink your adult beverages responsibly. Alcohol is also another summer burn out, so take it easy in the heat!

Thanks for reading. Talk at you next issue!

Michelle Marie Adams, CMP, RYT200
Regional Director of Sales, Prestige Resorts & Destinations
Registered Yoga Teacher, 200 Hours


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PMPI’s Summer Sizzle!

Join us on Thursday, August 25, at the Dumbarton House in Georgetown. Re-connect with old friends, make new ones and dedicate this year to advancing your career. As you cool down, browse through the committee fair and take that first step by joining a committee.

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Sign up today to hear some of DC’s best speakers! This event will introduce you to local professional speakers who will blow you away.

Michael Sands: The Art of the Project
Sam Horn: The Eyebrow Test: Intrigue Anyone in 60 Seconds
Sonia Aranza: Cultural Competence for a Complex World: Blind Spots Meeting Planners Need to See
Gregg Gregory: The Art of Collaboration: Navigating the Relationships Within Your Event
Vicki Hess: Transforming Meeting Planner POWs into Meeting Planner WOWs
Liz Weber: NSADC Supporting Your Speaker Needs

We look forward to seeing you at the Educational Experience!

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Save the Date – MACE! 2012
February 9-10, 2012
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No matter where you are in your career, everyone is looking to advance to the next level. Whether it’s a new title, new company, or taking a new career direction, staying up to date on industry trends and education is the key to advancement. Join PMPI for an incredible two-day event at which PMPI will take education to the next level, focusing on career advancement and new industry trends, while continuing the successful Flipped Marketplace, bringing planners and suppliers together for one-on-one interactions.

Registration will open in early November 2011

Attention Suppliers: the Marketplace sold out in 2011, so make sure to register early to guarantee your spot!


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At its 2011 World Education Congress, MPI attendees were presented with opportunities to participate in local projects and innovative professional development related to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

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Help local kids start the school year off right and participate in the Community Outreach Committee’s first donation drive for Martha’s Table. We’re collecting new school supplies for students of all ages during the August Educational Experience, "The Art of Securing a Spectacular Speaker." No donation is too small! Even a box of pencils or a notebook will help a child have a better classroom experience.

Don’t delay in buying those school supplies! The educational event is coming up quickly – Tuesday, August 30 at the National Press Club. Visit for more information or register here. Contact committee co-chair Katie Hais at  or (202) 289-3114 with any questions regarding donations.

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