Committee Spotlight - Publications

The Publications Committee produces three publications for our chapter in both print and digital formats:
1) Engage magazine, published in print twice per year and featuring important industry trends and chapter developments 
2) FYI e-newsletter, (which you're currently reading) published monthly and featuring timely news and upcoming events 
3) MPI Potomac Member Directory, published once a year  

We also keep the website updated with relevant and useful content to be a resource for our members and the industry.

The Publications Committee gives you a chance to see how the world of journalism operates. We start by developing topics pertinent to our chapter, then we find writers for the articles. If you can write, we need you! Intimidated by writing? You can still help the team by finding a writer, proofing and formatting articles, or managing the publishing calendar to make sure important deadlines are met. Once the articles are submitted, the team proofs them and sends them to Naylor Publications for layout and print. It's amazing to see a publication come together from conception to print!

We love to feature our chapter members! Anyone is welcome to submit an article for our publications. Most of our articles are 250 words, which is shorter than you think. Not everyone thinks they are a writer, but everyone has a story to share. We’d love to be a part of yours!

Curious about what it is like being a part of the press? Consider joining the Publications Committee!

Committee Co-Chairs:
Geoff Chesman
Lawan McFerren, CMP
Pamela Bertelson

Board Director:
Amy Lippincott, CMP, CGMP, HMCC