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It's my favorite time of year!

I am not a summer girl – heat and humidity are not my friends. So when the air becomes a little crisper, and the leaves on the trees become brighter, I find myself happier and more in sync with what motivates me and keeps me moving.

My question to all of you: What motivates you? What keeps you moving forward? For many of us it can be work related, because let’s face it – the majority of our day is spent doing our daily job. But what about after work hours? Do you find motivation in your friends and family? Perhaps it’s a concert you’ve been dying to go to. Or a football game – depending on who your team is and how awful their current status is – but you go anyway!

For me – it’s my son Sean. He grounds me, and no matter how stressful my day is, or how many emails I wasn’t able to return, or a conversation that didn’t turn out as planned – I know that he will be there with open arms, no judgment, and a huge smile on his face anxiously awaiting my arrival home each day.

In recent weeks, we have witnessed the utter devastation in Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico, and now the senseless and heartbreaking occurrence in Las Vegas. Think about this ... what motivation can they possibly find to put their lives back together? Where do they go and what do they ask for when they get there?

Let’s all take a moment to truly appreciate one another and the things we enjoy every day.

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