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Essilor News

Essilor Reinforces Superiority of Varilux, Premium Lens Brands with New Consumer Campaign Driving Patients to Independent Practices

Company launches new campaign and logo during prominent College Bowl games to capture hearts and minds of progressive lens consumers and drive them to book an appointment with an Essilor Expert

If you noticed something different at Essilor, you are not the only one. Unveiling a new and refreshed logo, the company leveraged the national platform of the Cotton Bowl Classic, Peach Bowl and Fiesta Bowl to launch its new national television campaign for Varilux®, ensuring consumers know they can “See No Limits” with Varilux lenses while encouraging them to go to an Essilor Expert™ private practice to buy the number one progressive lens recommended by optometrists and opticians.*

The new campaign will air nationwide in 2021 across TV providers, Hulu, YouTube, and more, driving awareness of the Varilux brand, defining the benefits of a progressive lens and compelling consumers to book an appointment. This is the company’s first national campaign leveraging its refreshed logo and new branding system designed to make Essilor and its sub brands known and preferred among consumers at independent eyecare practices.

“An informed consumer will seek Varilux lenses and their best possible vision,” said Sherianne James, Chief Marketing Officer and Sr. Vice President of Customer Engagement at Essilor. “We are harnessing the power of our consumer media investment to create recognition and even more desire for Varilux lens technologies, and ensuring our independent partners reap the benefit of that investment by driving ready-to-purchase consumers directly to them.”

The new Varilux commercial can be viewed here.

Varilux lenses are loved by consumers and ECPs alike. With 96 percent of Varilux lens wearers satisfied with their vision**, it’s no surprise Varilux is the number one progressive lens brand recommended by optometrists and opticians. In addition to being easy to dispense, Varilux lenses are widely available across all major managed vision care plans.

With the launch of its new logo and branding system for the flagship brand and its premium lens brands, including Varilux, Crizal®, and Eyezen®, Essilor is transforming from a house of brands to a branded house in order to develop stronger patient recognition and to help drive demand to eyecare professionals. This new branding system will support eyecare professionals in their recommendation of the advanced lens technologies Essilor creates by further developing consumer awareness and purchase intent. Market research conducted in 2020 demonstrated that with a stronger overarching brand, consumers identified product brands more easily and experienced a significant uplift in purchase intent.

*Survey conducted in 2018 by an independent third party. Sponsored by Essilor. Results were reported by independent opticians and optometrists.

**Global studies conducted between 2009 and 2017 on 1903 wearers (n = 18 studies)