ASCO Opens Nominations for Special Interest Groups

Join an ASCO SIG now!

At its meeting in St. Louis in June, the ASCO Board of Directors voted to change the Association’s nomination process for participation in its Special Interest Groups, or SIGs.

In the past, SIG nominations could only be made by the dean/president of an ASCO Active or Associate member school or college. Under the new rules, individual faculty members may nominate someone, including submitting a self-nomination, to participate in a SIG.

What is a SIG?

Within ASCO, SIGs are volunteer-driven communities of interest for faculty and administrators focused on a specific area of knowledge or learning. SIG members benefit from the networking and collaborative education that takes place digitally on online community boards, via conference call and in-person. They are an excellent way to gain knowledge, keep abreast of trends, develop new skills and develop a network of colleagues who can provide new insights and support. SIGS are also involved in the implementation of ASCO’s Strategic Plan through the development and implementation of member services, such as the creation of educational offerings, the development of recommended standards and the collection of specialized data.

At present, ASCO offers 18 different SIGs:

A list of the volunteer chairs for each of the above can be found on the ASCO website.

Don’t see a SIG specifically for a subject you are interested in? The ASCO Board of Directors regularly entertains applications for the creation of new SIGs. Visit the ASCO website for more information on how to start a new SIG.

How to Join a SIG

Interested in joining one of ASCO’s SIGs? The process has now been streamlined; here are three easy steps:

  1. Click on this link to complete an application.
  2. Your application will be forwarded to the dean/president of your institution for approval.
  3. Once that approval is received, the staff liaison for that SIG will reach out to you to get you on board!

Nominations for appointment to an ASCO SIG may happen at any time during the year.

If you have a question about joining one of ASCO’s SIGs, please reach out to Ms. LaShawn Sidbury, director of meetings and special interest groups, at