Salus University Partners with EyeSafe® on Research Program on Blue Light and Screen Time and Announces Release of Eye Care Handbook for the Electronics Industry

Salus University, one of the world’s premier schools of optometry, and Eyesafe®, a global leader in high-energy visible blue light filtration technology and standards for the consumer electronics industry, have partnered in a research project to study the eye and health impacts of cumulative exposure to high-energy blue light from devices and to announce the release of the first-ever comprehensive handbook on the health hazards and protective solutions related to blue light for the electronics display industry.

The research aims to better understand the impacts of exposure to cumulative blue light emissions from digital displays on human eyes and health and will be conducted to inform the world’s development of future display technology and industry standards. Titled “How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age,” the handbook features leading optometrists, ophthalmologists and scientists researching an array of topics related to the health impacts of blue light and the proactive steps the electronics industry can take to tackle this emerging public health issue that affects more than 5 billion people worldwide.

“Screen time and exposure to blue light are important issues that merit deliberate investigation,” said Mitchell Scheiman, OD, PhD, FAAO, Dean of Research at Salus University. “Our agreement signed brings together the global leader in blue light filtration technology and standards with a leading college of optometry to study the issue with near universal impacts. We are pleased Eyesafe has chosen Salus as its research partner for continued study of this important health issue.”

The release of “How to Save Your Eyes in the Digital Age” was made Oct. 10 and designed to coincide with World Sight Day, an annual event that focuses global attention on blindness and vision impairment.