ASCO Blog Activity Revs Up as Year Revs Down 

by Theresa Maher, former ASCO Intern 

Have you taken a trip to the ASCO blog, Eye on Optometry, lately?  If you do, you can see that articles have been as abundant as piles of fall-colored leaves!  

Those who enjoy reading family-oriented stories will love our post from May, A Trip to the Eye Doctor Changes A Life, about a Maryland doctor of optometry who helped his patient’s wife see for the first time in over 12 years.   

Those who want to keep up to date with ASCO’s leadership will love reading Communications Director Kimberly O’Sullivan’s June talk with ASCO’s 2019-2020 president, Dr. Elizabeth Hoppe. Readers will love seeing all of the firsts that the trailblazing Dr. Hoppe has accomplished in the name of women in optometry. 

Recent optometry program grads and Doctors of Optometry hoping to open their own private practice will appreciate ASCO’s July interview with Dr. Courtney Dyer, OD, Autarchic Spec Shop, Charlotte, NC. Dr. Dyer goes through the most important questions when starting a private practice, a step-by-step path to success and other advice.  

History fanatics and family-oriented readers alike should read the early August article, Small Maine Family Practice Serves Big Purpose, a story about a family-owned private practice four generations in the making that is continuing with two sisters who wanted to bring their knowledge of optometry back to help treat the community that raised them.  

For concerned parents looking out for their children’s health as the new school year begins, Keeping an Eye on Children’s Vision Health in the New School Year will show parents that among all the things to keep up with, a child’s vision health can falter if not monitored.   

Our September post, Optometry and Fashion?, will bring a new perspective to the field of optometry for everyone: doctors of optometry, students of optometry and possibly potential students of optometry.  Follow Katherine Fisher as she explains that you don’t always have to give up one dream for the other.  

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