MacuLogix is an innovative medical device company based in Harrisburg, PA. Fueled by their mission to eliminate blindness caused by AMD, they are providing eye care professionals with the instrument and education needed to effectively diagnose and manage patients with AMD.

Based on the science of dark adaptation, MacuLogix’s AdaptDx® provides a clear, objective measurement of retinal function that is 90% sensitive and 90% specific to the presence of AMD. Using a single number, the Rod Intercept™ (RI), AMD can be detected early – before drusen are visible – when a course of action may help delay or prevent blindness caused by AMD.

MacuLogix provides consistent professional support via their AMD Excellence Program™, designed to help practices integrate dark adaptation testing into their clinical workflow, optimize utilization, and maximize revenue. AdaptDx users also have access to the AMD Academy™, a growing online learning platform and community.

Early AMD intervention is possible. The answer is AdaptDx.