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EssilorLuxottica News

Essilor Instruments USA Provides Vectorial Refraction Curriculum

Essilor Instruments USA has introduced three new technologies that utilize a patented liquid lens optical module to replace all the spherical and cylindrical lenses found in traditional phoropters. This unique module enables the application of Digital Infinite Refraction, an entirely new and revolutionary method of refraction. Digital Infinite Refraction converts the components of the prescription into vectors and allows for the simultaneous determination of cylinder power and axis while maintaining the spherical equivalent in 0.01 dioptric increments.

Emerging technologies are always exciting, yet they require new knowledge and understanding. To facilitate the teaching of the new concept, Essilor Instruments sought the expertise of three renowned optics educators – Mark Bullimore, PhD, Michelle Hoff, OD, ABOM, and Izabel Kazemi, OD – to develop a Vectorial Refraction Curriculum. This non-branded curriculum was distributed to all the attendees of the recent Ophthalmic Optics Educators Special Interest Group in July for their use in student and faculty education. The purpose of this curriculum is to prepare all interested academics with the science behind the technology in a concise, accurate and visually stimulating format.

The Vectorial Refraction Curriculum will also be shared at the upcoming Clinical Optometric Methods and Procedures special interest group meeting.

For further information, please reach out to Anne-Marie Lahr, OD, Director of Professional Development at alahr@essilorinstrmentsusa.com.


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