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A Versatile Camera for Your Busy Clinic

Prolonged sun exposure is linked to eye cancer, cataracts, growths on the eye such as pterygium, solar retinopathy, and photokeratitis. July is UV safety month and as you emphasize the importance of proper sunglasses use, monitor conditions such as these with the versatile Optomed Aurora handheld camera. Its modular lens design allows you to capture both anterior and posterior findings with one tool, and its ophthalmic focused development means you can trust its reliability.

Document all your findings and get reimbursed for your time and effort while improving your patient care and health outcomes. A connected network of healthcare professionals is the ideal future of medicine and the Optomed Aurora can bring that to the present. Easily attach high quality images to your patient records or send suspicious findings to specialists for transfer of care. A high-quality fundus camera is an integral part of this process, and the Aurora can be the missing piece to your best-in-class care. Ask how the Optomed Aurora can improve your clinic flow and efficiency today.

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