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Optomed News

Optomed Polaris is a Fully Automated Desktop Fundus Camera Designed to Improve Clinic Efficiency

The fully automated operation of the Optomed Polaris desktop camera can provide high quality fundus photos with quick and easy operation. The Polaris can detect the patient’s pupil, track their movement in real time and 3-D space, adjust focus, and take an image of both retinas with a single click. Document the retina to compare changes from previous visits and monitor the health of the patient more closely. Instead of getting a fleeting view with a direct ophthalmoscope, you or your staff can photograph the retina and educate your patient or students using those photographs. The Polaris allows for live educational guidance on retinal health and the importance of early treatment or intervention for vision threatening diseases.

Advanced imaging technology is poised to transform the prevention and treatment of devastating eye disease. With digital retinal cameras such as the Optomed Polaris, doctors can now build routine eye exams into their everyday practice. The tools are within our grasp to help prevent unnecessary vision loss from progressive eye diseases. Inquire today on how you can improve your clinic efficiency and community vision outcomes.


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