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Optomed News

Optomed Offers Portable Fundus Cameras with Optional AI Integration Capabilities

Optomed is a publicly traded Finnish medical device manufacturer and one of the leading providers of handheld retinal cameras for the past 15 years. Optomed USA offers the Optomed Aurora handheld fundus camera, which can be integrated with artificial intelligence to deliver consistent, reliable early screening of prevalent eye diseases such as diabetic retinopathy.

The Optomed Aurora IQ camera is designed for easy examination and documentation of the retina and anterior segment for various eye diseases and neurological disorders. The camera takes retinal imaging to the next level.

  • Large 50-degree field of view and non-mydriatic operations makes getting images easy, and patient satisfaction high.
  • High-contrast optical design helps to detect small early phase retinal changes.
  • Auto-focus and auto-exposure make operation easy and efficient.
  • Integrated image quality analysis guides first time users to acquire successful images, minimizing training time.
  • WLAN and USB connection with auto download of new images for ease of integration.
  • Integrated Cloud connection allows sending images to an optional AI service for image analysis and results.

When speaking to Dr. DeBoer from USC-Roski Eye Institute, University of Southern California, he stated, “It normally only takes practice on one patient for a new resident to work the camera, it’s very fast and easy to use.” In addition to ease of use, the Aurora provides simple implementation into a clinic so that optometrists can image patients quickly and accurately.

“The Aurora is portable, takes good fundus photos, you don’t have to dilate, and it’s very easy to clean after use,” continues Dr. DeBoer.

The future is here with the Optomed Aurora IQ with AI integration capabilities. The Optomed Aurora IQ can image the retina to detect biomarkers and help document and manage blinding/low vision eye diseases.


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