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Hands-Free Dynamic Voice Recognition from M&S Technologies is Patient Focused

M&S specializes in visual acuity testing systems. We are known worldwide for our leading technological advancements. Dynamic Voice Recognition software is the latest addition to the high quality, extremely accurate testing products we provide to eye-care professionals, optometry schools and universities.

By enabling doctors to perform a visual acuity test completely hands free, voice recognition significantly improves patient and clinician exam experience. In addition to the doctor’s new found freedom of movement, advanced Voice Command technology eliminates distractions, increases efficiency and minimizes clinic contamination. Voice recognition test results have the same trusted degree of accuracy achievable with Smart Systems that don’t have the voice feature.

This dynamic voice activation feature can be used throughout the exam and is especially valuable at those critical moments in the exam where total focus upon your patient, hands-free, is essential. Plus, you will still be able to operate the Smart System using our traditional remote control and tablet when specialty testing is required,” said Joe Marino, Global Head M&S Technologies.

M&S Dynamic Voice Recognition feature recognizes over 50 different spoken commands. Now, the patient chart adjusts with just a simple voice prompt. Voice-Activation functions include: “Randomize,” “Size Up,” “Size Down,” “Snellen Letters,” “LEA Symbols,” “Play Fixation Video," “Play DVD” and more.

Dynamic Voice Recognition software is available as an add-on feature for the All-in-One Smart System 2 2020.

If you would like to experience Dynamic Voice Recognition in your school or clinic, please contact Mike Umali at M&S Technologies to arrange for a free trial. Call 847-763-0500 or visit www.mstech-eyes.com


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