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Keeler USA & Merakris Therapeutics

Keeler, a world leader in ophthalmic diagnostic, digital, surgical and clinical products, is proud to announce our partnership with Merakris Therapeutics, Inc. Research Triangle Park, NC. Merakris is a leader in researching, developing and marketing regenerative healthcare products. They are pioneering commercially scalable biotherapeutic technologies derived from stem cells that promote homeostasis in damaged tissue. “We are excited. This partnership accelerates access to our biological barrier graft that protects damaged eye surfaces during healing in patients that suffer from dry eye disease and other corneal defects,” said Chris Broderick, Merakris’ CEO.

The Opticyte Amniotic Ocular Matrix technology is based on a sophisticated and delicate manufacturing process intended to retain extracellular matrix properties and structures. This makes it ideal for ocular applications. Processed without harsh chemical reagents that may cause irritation when placed in the corneal bed and dehydrated for convenient storage. Opticyte® Matrix provides an ophthalmic barrier to the corneal surface and supports cell attachment and ingrowth. The Opticyte® Amniotic Ocular matrix comes in 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm circular grafts along 1x1cm, and 1x2cm surgical repair grafts.


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