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Haag-Streit News

Haag-Streit USA Introduces the XOMA Smart Lane by Reliance

The new XOMA Smart Lane by Reliance is the most ergonomically sound, human-centric exam lane ever. This integrated lane will transform the exam experience for both the patient and doctor. As part of Haag-Streit USA’s vision for the future of eye care, XOMA Smart Lane represents a step towards sleeker and more ergonomic designs.

XOMA Smart Lane focuses on four key areas: doctor, patient, technology, and design.

Doctor Focus: Optometrists do a lot of reaching, stretching and bending to access instruments and evaluate patients. Reach and strain are even more of an issue for doctors of smaller stature. And over years of examinations, this can lead to chronic musculoskeletal pain, cutting careers short. XOMA Smart Lane addresses physician health by relocating features and instruments to prioritize ergonomics, efficiency and ease.

Patient Focus: Exams and procedures can be stressful for patients. We designed the XOMA Smart Lane to optimize accessibility, comfort and experience for every patient. We included calming, ambient light and made patient accessibility a priority, which is especially important for patients with mobility/falling concerns.

Technology Focus: Technology is integrated into the XOMA Smart Lane with no visible wiring. Not only is the look cleaner, your workflow will feel effortless. Operations are simplified through a fully integrated PC, wireless hand and foot controls, and motor control sensors. A digital phoropter can be integrated as well.

Design Focus: Substance, style and a smaller footprint. The XOMA Smart Lane is sleek and slim, allowing the unit to sit snug against the wall, so it even fits in small exam rooms. Add to that no visible wires, and this design-forward lane will only add to the value of your optometry program.

If you would like to experience the XOMA Smart Lane in your school or clinic, please contact Lindbergh Mitchener at Haag-Streit USA to set up a demonstration. For more information on the XOMA Smart Lane, visit XOMASmartLane.com


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