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The TonoCare Is Set To Revolutionize the Hand-Held Market

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Keeler’s ability to supplement student education grows with our new portable non-contact tonometer, the TonoCare. The cordless design is something that we believe will make a useful tool in providing an economical, but effective, means of screening patients’ intraocular pressure.

Whether this be in the classroom, on a VOSH trip, or during screenings, the portability of the device lends itself to the ability to learn and assess patients wherever you may be.

Keeler knows rebound tonometry can get expensive which is why the device is the only thing you will need. Since the TonoCare does not use any disposable probes you are not only saving money, but you will never be in a position where you cannot take a reading.

The TonoCare is so simple to use that users can be trained in a matter of a few moments! The unit is ready to use in less than 10 seconds after being switched on and readings for both eyes can be achieved in 30 seconds. Easy to follow instructions and intuitive controls combined with quick readings make the TonoCare a valuable tool to have.

Please reach out to your local Keeler representative if you believe this would be a good fit for your purposes!

To learn more please visit www.keelerusa.com/tonocare.html


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