Ontario General Contractors Association

As we continue to battle the pandemic virus that has impacted our country, our province and all of our livelihoods, your Association, along with others, has continued to be proactive in representing you in doing what is necessary to protect the future of your industry, your business and the safety of your employees.


OGCA has been providing regular updates on information that we are hearing regarding tendering. For the most part, it has been positive, with most owners being realistic and accommodating. However, there are those that still see that the bottom line is the only goal for which they exist. Both public and private sector owners have been pressuring contractors and trades to continue working while finding all kinds of excuses to deem their projects essential.


Your Association, along with the CDAO, has been working diligently to ask the government for clear direction on what is and what is not essential for construction. Most recently, we wrote to the Minister of Education, the Premier and the Ministers of Infrastructure and Labour for clarification on schools, because the mixed messages and the threats that we're receiving from certain school boards should we not continue working, could not be ignored.

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Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company
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Stay Ahead of the Curve With Superior Piping.
Ontario Pipe Trades Council
The United Association (UA) has been training qualified piping professionals for over 150 years. With 17 state-of-the-art training centres, we train: Steam/Pipefitters, Gasfitters, Sprinkler fitters, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanics, Plumbers, Instrumentation Mechanics and Welders. Stay ahead of the curve, and stay on time and on budget with our superior piping skills.
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CMiC: Collaboration, Communications & Control. Without Compromise.
No matter what the size of the project, CMiC delivers everything you need to run all of your jobs in one place – effective collaboration, communications, control, direction and project tracking. Improved workflows ensure that field teams are able to easily communicate issues, report RFIs, distribute documents, track activities and collaborate more effectively. 
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