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Rapicon Inc.
Rapicon has 50 Years of Potain Tower Crane Rental & Sales Experience throughout Canada; and operates a large fleet of a variety of tower cranes to choose from to meet all of your project’s needs. Please contact Rapicon today, and a skilled sales representative will be happy to discuss your project’s requirements.

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Member News
The OGCA has had a long relationship with A Cubed IT Solutions. Recently, we discussed the possibility of providing a video service to our members wishing to promote their projects.

As a beginning, we are helping A Cubed IT to create a series of videos that will reflect Ontario and its great motto "Yours to Discover."

We all know the foundation of any great city and province is its infrastructure, and the OGCA and its members are at the centre of building Ontario.

We would like the opportunity to film some footage of various construction sites with projects in action. Commercial, Industrial and Institutional projects are all applicable as our focus is to let the public see what it takes to build Ontario. We will be ensuring that all sites that we film at are documents and those locations featured in the videos will be recognized and thanked. If you are willing to participate, please contact Vishal Ramjuss.

A Cubed IT will be contacting some members directly at OGCA's request.

Visit https://www.naylornetwork.com/oga-nwl/articles/index.asp?aid=367937&issueID=52746 to view the full article online.

Stay Ahead of the Curve With Superior Piping.
Ontario Pipe Trades Council
The United Association (UA) has been training qualified piping professionals for over 150 years. With 17 state-of-the-art training centres, we train: Steam/Pipefitters, Gasfitters, Sprinkler fitters, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanics, Plumbers, Instrumentation Mechanics and Welders. Stay ahead of the curve, and stay on time and on budget with our superior piping skills.
Associate Partner News and Events
The listing below shows the upcoming courses being offered by London, Grand Valley, Ottawa, Toronto and Barrie Construction Associations. If we are missing your area that is offering courses, please contact Mary Wademan and we'll be sure to include them in the next newsletter. To learn more about the courses, please contact your local association. Click on the headline to see the offered courses.

Visit https://www.naylornetwork.com/oga-nwl/articles/index.asp?aid=367804&issueID=52746 to view the full article online.

Legislative & Legal Updates
The Office of the Employer Adviser is seeing a number of inquiries from construction employers who have been assessed retroactively for unpaid executive officer premiums. This is a reminder that since 2013 the Workers’ Compensation Act requires all executive officers or partners to pay premiums on their insurable earnings. This is regardless of whether the executive / partner is working in construction, stays in the office or is enjoying her retirement in a warmer climate. If an executive / partner is issued a T4 or a T5 or paid in some other manner, the company must pay premiums on their earnings.

Visit https://www.naylornetwork.com/oga-nwl/articles/index.asp?aid=367825&issueID=52746 to view the full article online.

The OGCA and other stakeholders received a letter from Committee Chair Bruce Reynolds advising that he and his team requested an extension to April 30, 2016. While we may have to wait a little longer, it is clear that the extra time will be used effectively to consult further with the advisory group to ensure that the recommendations that will go forward have had full and proper consideration. 
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