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COVID-19 has created new challenges for the construction industry and further compounded existing issues facing all contractors. These new challenges of physical distancing, masking, overall scheduling of trades, antigen testing and vaccinations has been aptly and adeptly addressed directly on site. These are not issues that would have been considered as a regular part of work just 18 months ago, but they are now commonplace and all too necessary to operate.

The OGCA would like to introduce you all to our new hire, Sabrina Tropiano, who joins the OGCA team in the capacity of Communication and Engagement Coordinator.

Sabrina is a dynamic communications expert that brings a wealth of creativity and design talent to this new role and will assist the OGCA in elevating even further our online and social media presence.

Utilizing her communications and graphics background, Sabrina is ready to create effective internal and external communications on multiple platforms as well as further developing the OGCA communications strategies. These strategies include publications, partnerships with membership organizations, web marketing, social media, media outreach and conferences.

She is passionate about working in the construction sector and especially for the OGCA, since she sees the work our members perform as an environment that is organized, creative, innovative and highly detailed.

Previous to her new role at the OGCA, Sabrina was a Branding Team Lead at Signify and an Administrative Assistant at Unity Health Network in Toronto. With a background in health care, she is well equipped to engage with OGCA members and stakeholders in new and creative ways.

Sabrina holds a Bachelor’s degree in Professional Communications from Ryerson University.

Please join us in welcoming Sabrina, and should you wish to contact her directly, please email her at sabrina@ogca.ca.

The Government of Ontario and Metrolinx have partnered with the construction industry for a new, convenient option for construction employers to encourage workers on-site to receive their COVID-19 vaccine. Two (2) GO buses have been converted to serve as mobile vaccine clinics as part of the province’s last-mile strategy to target those who have yet to receive a first or second dose.

The program is designed to get to workplaces and communities that will take advantage of this opportunity to protect workplaces and communities. This is an excellent opportunity for larger construction sites to encourage full vaccination and provide easy access to it.

The GO-VAXX buses are administering the Pfizer vaccine. The busses can vaccinate up to 160 persons a day and can be scheduled to visit a few sites in a day.

Starting September 8, GO-VAXX buses will travel to construction sites around the Golden Horseshoe Region every Wednesday.

Each bus operates as a fully functioning vaccine clinic with the necessary supplies and trained staff to assist people and ensure vaccines are administered safely. All COVID-19 safety precautions will be followed on board, including the required pre-vaccination screening and post-vaccination monitoring.

OGCA is working with the Ministry of Health to identify the opportunities and book the GO-VAXX bus. If your organization is interested in having the GO-VAXX bus visit your workplace or construction site, don't hesitate to contact David@ogca.ca to secure a date.

For more information on the News Release - Ontario Deploying Last Mile Strategy to Further Increase Vaccination Rates - please click here.

Canadians will go to the polls September 20. Currently, we have yet to see a complete platform from all of the parties. The OGCA will be working with the Canadian Construction Association and the General Contractors Alliance of Canada to inform our members about the impact of each party’s platform on the construction industry.
Trisura Guarantee goes A Step Above
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company
Trisura Guarantee Insurance Company is a Canadian specialty insurance and surety company with a passionate team that committed to fresh thinking and new ideas. In an industry that is beginning to adapt to the digital age, we’re leading the way with innovative processes that perfectly pair with our expertise in the field, delivering the results our clients are looking for seamlessly.
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Industry News

TTC is considering a Line 1 subway shut down currently targeted for Saturday, October 30, 2021 to Monday, November 8, 2021 to perform asbestos abatement work over the platform and track level at Lawrence Station (Phase Agreement 1 – Contract LYM21-PA1) and York Mills Station (Phase Agreement 2 – Contract LYM21-PA2). There is also opportunity to submit pricing for optional work for the asbestos abatement of the Lawrence Station north automatic entrance (denoted as Removal Area C under Phase Agreement 1). TTC is looking for a Contractor who is able to provide a unionized labour workforce to perform the work.

We currently have an RFP - P58PY21498 - Asbestos Abatement – Lawrence and York Mills Stations out and would like to reach out to vendors who may be interested in this project.

For more information and details about the project, please visit TTC’s Bonfire Public Portal at the link below:


Here is some information you may want to know from the recent KPMG Canada small and medium sized business poll:

If you want help answering your questions about your organization’s COVID-19 Vaccination Policy, or help to prepare or review a Vaccine Policy, please contact me.

Norm Keith
333 Bay Street, Suite 4600
Toronto, Ontario
M5H 2S5 
Email: nkeith@kpmg.ca 
Office: (416) 476-2002
Cell: (416) 540-3435

innovation Corner

CanBIM is hosting a Technical Summit on August 25 at 11:50 a.m. ET.

At the intersection of the construction process, technologies, business and relationships lie one of the most difficult parts of our industry — estimating. Shifts in the marketplace, changes in client demands, and the introduction of new technologies and tools have made their impact on the industry, but how has it impacted the estimating process?

The CanBIM Technical Summit on Construction Estimating will offer informative and innovative insights into how companies can work on improving the estimating process while navigating the unique challenges and opportunities in the industry today. Attend the event to hear about the latest technology and tools available to improve your process and productivity.

Register today!

Just wanted to make you aware of this article that was published yesterday. Threads of Life is always trying to grow our awareness so families living with the aftermath of workplace tragedy can become aware of the programs that are available to them at no cost.

Scott McKay, Director, Partnerships & Fundraising
Visit: www.threadsoflife.ca 
Email: smckay@threadsoflife.ca 

The staff at the League of Champions wish to extend our sincere appreciation to all of our Champions who have extended invitations for in-office and on-site visits. So many of you have rolled out the red carpet for us, and we thank you!

Every project we visit is a new experience for us, but the common message at every one is the strong commitment to safety. Melloul Blamey Construction had us join them last week for a full tour of the Gaslight Towers project in Cambridge for a delayed Safety Week visit. The message from their safety team at every corner is very clearly for "every single person get home safely every day." Thank you for introducing us to so many staff and allowing us the opportunity to experience the incredible safety culture on your site.

If you have not had the chance to meet the LOC staff, what better way is there for you to get to know the team than by arranging a visit from us. Please contact Judith directly at judith@theloc.ca to discuss opportunities.

We are very happy to introduce our newest Patron Champion: Herc Rentals.  Welcome to the League!

Are you a Safety Champion? Do you know a Safety Champion? Do you know a company who would be a great addition to the LOC? Have you considered joining the League of Champions? If you have any questions or want to learn more about the League of Champions, just let us know, we are here to help.

If you have any questions or comments, please contact Judith Reda at judith@theloc.ca

Concrete Flooring Association
K. Winter Sanitation Inc.

Construction workplace safety was challenged like never before in 2020 by COVID-19.

It was a health and safety challenge never experienced before, but still, OGCA members had the safest year ever. Our lost time injury frequency dropped by 20% from .20 in 2019 to .16 in 2020. This was achieved when the WSIB's average rate increased to 1.07 largely as a result of COVID-19 claims.

The construction industry as a whole had an outstanding year, reducing the LTI rate from 1.12 in 2019 to .96. Construction is now one of the safer industries in Ontario compared to the Schedule 1 industry average of 1.07.

OGCA, with the League of Champions, is leading a long-term trend to a much safer Ontario construction industry. The culture of safety and the investment in it has supported a long-term trend that has established Ontario construction as a world leader.

OGCA will celebrate this achievement and recognize members who have been successfulm, with our safety awards presentation in October. Members who will be recognized will be notified in the next few days. Congratulations to your success!

Metropolitan Credit Adjusters Ltd
Duro-Last Roofing, Inc.
Member News

The attached letter is to inform you of the results for Fleming College’s Request for Supplier Qualifications for General Contracting Services for Sir Sandford Fleming College – Frost Campus Aquaculture Lab. Should you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me.

Hugo Martins, Associate, BTech
275 Spadina Road, Toronto ON M5R 2V3
(416) 920–0031 x224 | hugo@gowhastings.com

Associate Partner News and Events

As explained in our last Surety Corner, providing accurate and timely interim financial reporting is a key factor in successfully growing your bonding facility.

The surety company wants to know throughout the year how your company is performing financially. When the results are positive, this can lead to increased surety support. However, from experience, bond companies know that the internal financial reports are not always accurate and so the sureties often request a corresponding work in progress or work on hand report to allow for a deeper analysis of the financial report.

Please click here to read the full article.

With over 33,000 employees, offices in 49 countries and capabilities in over 150 countries, our expertise and deep knowledge meets the sophisticated financial needs of clients around the world. We help clients address risk, protect assets and recover from losses. The products and services we provide keep businesses running and enable individuals and families to rebuild their lives. Click here to read more.

At NORCAT, our goal is to get you home safe at the end of the workday. Founded in 1995, NORCAT is a private, nonprofit organization focused on developing and providing world-class programs, services and resources to reduce injuries, save lives and enhance productivity in the workplace. Click here to read more.

What If You Couldn’t Pay The Bills?
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CMiC: Collaboration, Communications & Control. Without Compromise.
No matter what the size of the project, CMiC delivers everything you need to run all of your jobs in one place – effective collaboration, communications, control, direction and project tracking. Improved workflows ensure that field teams are able to easily communicate issues, report RFIs, distribute documents, track activities and collaborate more effectively. 
Ask an expert and determine your solution today!
Priestly Demolition Inc.
ELM Insurance Brokers Inc.
Legislative & Legal Updates

The latest issue of the Ontario Legislative Reports is now available on the OGCA website. Please click here to access the latest issue.

The Ontario Legislative Report is updated every two weeks and explains the intention and status of legislation and regulations that could impact the construction industry. For issues prior to March 2020, please contact Mary Wademan at OGCA.

Education & Events

As time drags on, it is harder and harder not to be affected by the times we are living through.

Mind Your Mood is a course that has been created specifically to help you assess and manage your mood. We have set it up in a Sampler at ::Vubiz Sampler

There is no need to register and please feel free to share it with others. As a Sampler, it is not tracked, there is no Bookmarking or Certificates, and it is designed to allow you access to the content in a simple and straight forward fashion.

Autodesk, Inc.
Labourers Employee Bargaining Agency