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There can be no doubt that across the country, infrastructure continues to be the most predominant economic job creator in Canada. Every province is facing a massive deficit in infrastructure and despite recent year’s efforts to catch up and address this problem, it is very clear from what we are seeing in Ontario that we have a very long way to go.

A new Report Issued by the Residential Civil Construction alliance of Ontario (RCCAO) concludes that both federal and provincial investment in Ontario infrastructure has declined to a point where it is jeopardizing our future economic disparity.

In particular, the federal government has dragged its feet on delivering on its commitments.

The independent report called "Infrastructure Update 2018 Ontario Infrastructure Investment - Federal and Provincial Risks & Rewards” found that investment peaked in 2010 at 4.2% of Ontario’s GDP and has fallen to 2.8% in 2017. It recommends government increase investment to 5.4% of GPD in order to maximize Ontario’s economic growth. For 2017, only 2.8% of Ontario’s, and .4% of the federal government’s GDP was invested.

The Study claims that costs are being absorbed by the economy as result of a transportation system that is not able to deal with traffic and congestion. As a result, it has cost Ontario billions of dollars in lost productivity.

See also RCCAO Press Release “Federal government failing Ontario, says infrastructure advocate” 

See also "Investing in Infrastructure" by Rachael Williams, NRU Publishing Inc.

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OGCA President Clive Thurston on a recent tour of the Newton Group operation. Shown above with Ed Newton.

Industry News

Did you know, as an Ontario business, you have access to free advice and resources to help you grow your business internationally? There is a world of business opportunity and Ontario’s Trade Advisors can help you find it with export preparation programs like:

  • Accelerate to International Markets (AIM) seminar — Guides you through planning and developing a comprehensive international business strategy.
  • Industry and market-specific seminars — Lets you know about emerging opportunities in key global markets in your industry.

Want to know more? Visit ontario.ca/export to learn about resources to get you started and for upcoming workshops and programs for your industry in your region.

On July 1, Canada implemented tariffs on a list of steel and aluminum products in response to a unilateral decision by the U.S. to impose its own tariffs under section 232 of the Trade Act of 1962. As we said in our press release, trade wars have negative effects on both sides of the border, and we understood that the Canadian government had to take prompt and decisive action to defend our industry and its workers.

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On Friday, October 26, 2018, OGCA will recognize its members for their outstanding safety performance in achieving the most cumulative injury-free derived hours worked.

Newest members and patrons of the League of Champions will also be recognized, and existing members who have achieved COR™ will be celebrated.

Speakers CPO Ron Kelusky, WSIB Chairman Elizabeth Witmer, MySafeWork President and Champion & Ambassador Rob Ellis, and IHSA President Enzo Garritano, will be attending and addressing OGCA members.

Showcasing the virtues of a value-driven safety culture in today's evolving construction industry, OGCA is looking forward to celebrating safety and honouring those members who continue to raise the bar in safety excellence. 

Do you have your Safety Pass?

Safety Pass provides quality safety training to construction employers and workers, and is available FREE.

This program is an interactive, online training course composed of 13 modules, each focused on a different fundamental aspect of work site safety. The program’s intention is to introduce you to important topics that you will encounter when you begin work on a construction site.

Safety Pass Features:

  • Construction Health & Safety orientation that is consistent and transferable between general contractors;
  • Eliminates duplication of generic orientation videos;
  • FocusAllows contractors to focus on the project site-specific orientation which will still be required;
  • Interactive online program;
  • Contains 13 Modules and Quizzes that can be completed at the user’s pace;
  • Requires a mark of 100% in order to receive a certificate of completion;
  • Once complete, a printable certificate can be downloaded, and credentials will be tracked and uploaded to an online database called Skills Pass;
  • The average user completes the course in 2-3 hours and; 
  • 3-year refresher.


  • A recognized program that transfers a high level of safety knowledge in an online delivery;
  • Includes other training requirements such as WHMIS 2015 GHS and Fall Protection Awareness; 
  • Promotes the immediate implementation of knowledge into day-to-day activities;
  • A Pass that is transferable from site to site between projects and general contractors and;
  • No cost registration, instruction, validation and record keeping.

Join the movement and get your Safety Pass, it is the way to the future. For more information on how you can register for your safety pass, visit: Safety Pass

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Member News

All OGCA members are cordially invited to attend two sessions OGCA will be delivering at the Construct Canada Show. In an industry that is rapidly changing and where people are constantly moving from one role to the next, it is critical to stay on top of what is currently in our industry.

You are invited to join OGCA at Construct Canada Building Show, from November 28 - 30, 2018!

The event will be held at the Metro Convention Centre, Toronto, Ontario. Please be sure to stop by and visit us at booth #821

We NEED Volunteers to assist us at the Booth. If you are interested, please contact Lyndsy Miceli for more details at lyndsy@ogca.ca

FREE Admission – Register today

Associate Partner News and Events

Do you have an idea for a webinar that would be informative for the construction industry? Would you like to share your knowledge in a particular subject area?

General Contractors are hungry for information and educational content that will help them stay well-informed of the latest policies, trends, and best practices.

OGCA provides the opportunity for you to present a webinar, submit an article for its generals, or publish newsletter content bi-weekly on a wide-range of topics impacting the construction industry.

Fill out this form and email it to Lyndsy Miceli at lyndsy@ogca.ca

Let us help you share your expertise today.

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The United Association (UA) has been training qualified piping professionals for over 150 years. With 17 state-of-the-art training centres, we train: Steam/Pipefitters, Gasfitters, Sprinkler fitters, Refrigeration & Air Conditioning Mechanics, Plumbers, Instrumentation Mechanics and Welders. Stay ahead of the curve, and stay on time and on budget with our superior piping skills.
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Legislative & Legal Updates

The next issue of the Ontario Legislative Reports is now available for downloading or to be reviewed. Please click here to view.

For issues prior to January 2018, please contact the OGCA to obtain.

Education & Events

OGCA is excited to announce that it’s all set to begin the OGCA Webinar Series this September.

OGCA is using Constant Contact, a new tool that will deliver webinar details and registration management.

On September 12, APP Member BuildingPoint Canada will kick off the Webinar Series with their session on 3 Myths Hurting Construction Productivity in Canada.

We encourage all of our members to register today. Click here to register.

For those interested in learning what other sessions are coming up, click here for the 2018 fall schedule.

Join your fellow executives in Scottsdale, Arizona on Sept 27 & 28 for inspiring keynotes, hands-on breakout sessions and best practice sharing in EHS management.

Celebrate safety excellence, network with inspiring thought leaders in EHS, and learn proven strategies that have worked for some of the world’s safest companies.

Click here to save your seat!

Calendar of Events

Watch this space for information on the upcoming Construction Symposium, April 11 - 13, 2019.

The sponsorship package will be sent out in the next week and will be available on the OGCA website as of September 7.

The registration package will also be available shortly.

The OGCA Symposium Committee is meeting this week and will be finalizing the sessions.