Procore’s 2022 Customer Return On Invest (ROI) Report

Procore has released the results of its 2022 Customer Return On Invest (ROI) report, which explores how the company is helping its global customers – including Canadians – tackle some of the industry's biggest challenges including sustainability, safety and the labour shortage. Highlights of the report include:

In addition, Canadian respondents said by using Procore:

“If we didn't have Procore, we wouldn't be able to handle the many projects we have in our pipeline. Procore removes the tedious time-wasters like filling out reports and spreadsheets, giving us time to do other things, like going after more work.” –Marc Vicano, Project Manager, Vicano, General Contractor (Ontario)

“We discussed what the best project management software would be. We both decided to go with Procore because it had the most comprehensive usage from Financials to Quality and Safety to Project Management. It was a whole package deal–everything was interconnected and everything made sense. You could connect your RFIs directly to your drawing, your trades could look at it right then and there and give an instant response, and everything was tied into the budget. That was huge.”
–Connor Early, Project Coordinator, Clark Construction Management, General Contractor (Ontario)

The report can be downloaded here.

The press release can be found here.

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