League of Champions at OGCA 11th Construction Symposium: Leaders Need to Lead!

The League of Champions (LOC) was pleased to be a part of the OGCA 11th Construction Symposium 2019 from April 11-13 at Blue Mountains Resort in Collingwood, Ontario.

Premier Douglas Ford was the surprise guest of the event and he talked about his commitment to supporting jobs in skilled trades by reducing the burden on workers and job creators.

The OGCA event would be incomplete without some inspiring words from OGCA Executive Committee Chair John Dawson, OGCA President Clive Thurston, and LOC Steering Committee Chair Craig Lesurf.

The highlight was having the LOC members be invited to join the Premier on stage for the presentation of his own LOC jersey signed by leaders.

Kudos to the whole OGCA team and to Mary Wademan, event organizer, for a very successful event. Congratulations to OGCA for an amazing event. The League of Champions look forward to being a part of the next Symposium.

Thank you to all the LOC Leaders who participated and supported the event. We hope to see all the Champions at the OGCA Construction Symposium in 2021.


Photo Credit: @fordnation