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CLICK HERE to check the latest COR™ requirements of various organizations published by the IHSA.

We came across a situation where a company bid for a project at $750,000. Another company bid for the same project at $450,000. This was the lowest bid for that project. However, the buyer decided to go with the first company that bid $750,000. The reason being the lowest bidding company was not COR™ certified in Ontario while the highest bidder was. The second company lost the project despite bidding 40% lower.

This clearly explains how buyers are preferring companies that are COR™ certified in Ontario for assigning projects over those who are just registered READ MORE. Mind you, this is irrespective of the bid differences.

Learn more about getting COR™ certified in Ontario from expert COR™ Consultant / Associate External COR™ Auditor of the IHSA. Come to our COR™ Breakfast Seminar:

  • Get vital tips from Experienced COR™ Consultant / Associate External COR™ Auditor of the IHSA on simplifying what looks like a complex process to achieve COR™ in Ontario.
  • Discuss key developments such as top buyers making it mandatory for companies to provide their COR™ certificate to qualify for bidding, come 2019.
  • You can discuss and understand key aspects of Occupational Health and Safety, and much more, which will have a huge bearing on you becoming COR™ certified in Ontario.
  • Understand to evaluate where you are in terms of achieving the IHSA COR™ certification under expert guidance.
  • Get to know about online tools that can assist you with achieving COR™ in Ontario. Know how these tools can help you transform your organization’s health and safety and make your H&S program come alive, which will help you become COR™ certified in Ontario.
  • Know more about mandatory training compliance as per the Occupational Health and Safety Act and other helpful advisory services, which will make the COR™ certification process easier.
  • COR™ seminar will be a good place for you to network with industry peers and know more about the challenges they are facing in terms of getting COR™ certified in Ontario.

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