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July Report

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What does that mean for you and the Ontario Construction Industry? In my opinion, good things can and will happen, because we and our industry partners are stepping up to make it happen. 

We are a proactive organization and we have planned well for this new world. Even before the final votes were in, we had prepared briefing papers and letters to the new government, and then to the appointed Ministers, and that is paying off with calls for meetings already being received by OGCA.

We have reached out to the Labour and Infrastructure Ministries as both are key areas where change must come, change that was stalled and hindered by special interest groups in the past and, despite our past successes, root problems were not addressed. Now we believe they will be.

We have already seen an attitude change amongst the bureaucrats with whom we deal, and are hopeful that the shift is on to make decisions based on fact, reality and what’s best, not for one group or another, but for everyone in Ontario.

The OGCA continues to address issues on Safety and Tendering. More progress is necessary; honest conversations need to take place concerning the WSIB, MOL, and Procurement at all levels: Provincial, Infrastructure Ontario and Metrolinx.

Municipal challenges to the procurement of Design and Construction services remains a problem. Despite advances in procuring systems, such as on line bidding, old problems persist. We have the opportunity to make this a more collaborative process for all.

The new Construction Act will, in my opinion, resolve many of the problems we experience with Municipal and School procurement. It will drive better behaviour for everyone.

Failure is not an option I will accept in this time of change. Now is the time to level the playing fields, create better systems, and collaborate better with all industry stakeholders.

I do not share the fear of certain media outlets who already cry about the demise of our world. What I see is a chance to be bold, to make changes that better life for all of us. If anything, we should feel emboldened to reach higher and strive harder to succeed, to ensure the continued growth and stability of our industry and our Province.

It will not be easy. There will be mistakes and false starts, but if we work together, if we look forward with a positive attitude, and if this Government is truly “for the People” and listens to us, then I believe that real change can be achieved. I, for one, am looking forward to the challenge.

The OGCA, its members and staff will step up to contribute and be part of that change.


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