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Change Is Coming ... Are you Ready?

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It led to the Reynolds/Vogel report “Striking the Balance” and, after a great deal of consultation by many stakeholder parties, led to the passing of Bill 142, which is now coming into law on July 1 this year.

It has two phases: the first is to modernize and update the Lien Act, and there are several major changes that will impact Contractors, both Generals and Trades. Further, these changes are not an option. This is no longer voluntary or set out by contract: it is the law.

Failure to prepare for these changes and adhere to them will have serious consequences which, when phase two arrives, will force very fast resolution to any failure to adhere to the new rules.

The OGCA has been providing webinar information sessions and has repeatedly written about these changes.

Our website has all the latest information for members to educate themselves.

On May 14, the CDAO (of which OGCA is a member) is providing a half-day session that will touch on the most important aspects of these new rules and offer recommendations on what you should be doing to prepare for these changes within your firm. Click here for more details.

We are encouraging members to attend as well as follow up on the next round of webinars and information sessions we will be providing over the next 6 – 8 weeks.

Don’t be caught unprepared. Get involved, get educated and get ready because the train has left the station and you need to be on it. Please click here to register for the CDAO Session.


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