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Patrick Brown Lunches PC Campaign Platform

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The new PC Platform is much more reflective of Bill Davis than Mike Harris, as Patrick Brown has moved the party to the centre of the political spectrum. It will keep most of the Liberals' social programs while promising to cut personnel and small business taxes, end the cap and trade program, and invest in mental health programs.

The focus of the program is the top five policy promises that are the components of a guarantee that he will not seek a second mandate without achieving the following:

  • 22.5 per cent lower income taxes for the middle class
  • A 75% maximum rebate for child care
  • 12% further reduction on hydro bills
  • Commitment to mental health that matched the federal funding
  • Passage of a “Trust, Integrity and Accountability Act” on government ethics

The detailed plan that includes further commitment to education and the skilled trades is contained in a detailed presentation style document.

It is a sharp contrast to the narrative of the Liberals, NDP and third party campaigns that portray the PCs as the slash and burn Party by bringing up memories of the Mike Harris government.


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