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NYS Department of Health Releases an Approved Spreadsheet Template for Documentation of Water Systems Lead Service Line Inventory

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The NYS Department of Health, Bureau of Water Supply Protection, has released an approved spreadsheet template for use in documenting your water systems Lead Service Line Inventory (LSLI). All Community Water Systems and Non-Transient, Non-Community Water Systems are required to collect data, generally from records such as curb cards or as built maps, or from excavations, that will determine the type of service line material on both the water systems side and the customers side entering the home. NYRWA will be providing at least 10 training sessions over the next 12 months in conjunction with the NYS Dept. of Health, Bureau of Water Supply Protection, that will have one segment dealing with this issue. If you need further assistance, please see the link to the template below, and please feel free to reach out to our Circuit Riders and Training Specialist for assistance. The initial Lead Service Line Inventory will need to be submitted by October 16, 2024. There is much more to this rule, this is merely a brief summary and a link to the spreadsheet. 

You can download the Inventory Template on the website under “Resources”, where you will click the “Download” link and choose “Templates” and find NYS DOH Approved Lead Service Line Inventory Spreadsheet.  (Once you click this link a pop up box should appear somewhere on your screen to download the spreadsheet) 


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