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NYRWA Clarifies Training Session Lunch Questions

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NYRWA CEO Jamie Herman would like to apologize for not getting this information out to our members sooner.  Due to changes in our grant funding for training, we will no longer be able to provide lunch for attendees at our one-day recertification training sessions.

In the past, NYRWA would charge a slight fee to cover the cost of the facility and the meals/beverages provided.  The various agencies who provide the funding for these training sessions have modified the requirements, and the training provided with their funding MUST BE free of charge to the attendees, without exception.  Given this new guidance, the majority of the one-day recertification training we provide will not include lunch, but will be free to attend.  We understand if this change is upsetting.  We hope our members will understand and continue to support the training efforts of this association.

Thank you to our system members for your understanding, and a HUGE thank you to our valued associate members who continue to provide quality recertification training as presenters at our sessions free of charge.  Please know we could not do this without your continued support.

Thank you!


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