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The New York State Department of Health is pleased to announce the availability of funding

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Drinking Water Fluoridation – 2021
Solicitation of Interest #18737 Round 1

A new streamlined procurement process for DWF funding is now available. This new process will be administered through a Solicitation of Interest (SOI) which will be announced in the NYS Contract Reporter.

This SOI has two components:

Component 1: Planning and Feasibility Projects support municipalities seeking to pursue an Engineering report to:

· Study the feasibility (technical and economical) of starting fluoridation; OR

· Develop a technical plan for initiating fluoridation; OR

· Upgrade existing fluoridation system, including projects that have structural, chemical, or process modifications, that requires professional design services.

Up to $50,000 may be requested for Component 1 projects, with approximately $250,000 available to award each State Fiscal Year (SFY).

 Component 2: Implementation and Maintenance Projects support all the following:

· Purchase/repair and installation of fluoride equipment including equipment used for fluoride feed, personal operator safety and laboratory/analysis; AND/OR

· Construction/modification of building for the storage of fluoride additive and/or equipment;  AND/OR

· Upgrade of building and/or fluoridation equipment to address/meet the codes and standards outlined in the Recommended Standards for Water Works, 2018 Edition (Ten State Standards).

Up to $1 million may be requested for Component 2, with approximately $4.75 million available for award each SFY.

Eligible Municipalities may only submit a letter of interest for  one Component (either Component 1 or 2) in each issuance of this SOI. If both Components are required for a project, it is advised that the eligible municipality submit a letter of interest for Component 1 (Planning and Feasibility Projects) first. Once a successful eligible municipality has completed its Component 1 project (Engineering Report developed and final voucher and progress report submitted to NYSDOH), an eligible municipality may then submit a separate letter of interest for Component 2 (Implementation and Maintenance Projects) funding in a later issuance of the SOI.

Eligible municipalities will be selected on a first-come first-served basis if their project is complete and meets the requirements of the SOI. When funding has been depleted to a level such that a project’s total requested funding amount cannot be met, the eligible municipality will be offered a reduced award amount. If the eligible municipality accepts that amount, no further awards will be made. If the eligible municipality declines that amount, the next eligible municipality will be offered an award until funds are completely exhausted.

If available funding for a single state fiscal year is deemed deficient in size to properly make quarterly awards, NYSDOH reserves the right to not issue the quarterly SOI until the next SFY.

If funding becomes limited for any reason prior to the closing date of this SOI, the project will be suspended with adequate notice in the NYS Contract Reporter.

Written questions will be accepted until 4:00 pm EST, THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO DUE DATE. All questions should be submitted electronically to All questions should be submitted with the subject line “Drinking Water Fluoridation Grants”. If any updates and/or clarification of information are warranted, information will be posted in the Contract Reporter under the tab “Documents” for this announcement. Responses to questions received by 4:00 pm EST, THREE WEEKS PRIOR TO DUE DATE, will be posted continually on or about TWO WEEKS PRIOR TO DUE DATE.

To obtain more information and stay informed of this new funding opportunity, please sign up and register for an account with the Contract Reporter at


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