Dear NYSAE Friends and Colleagues,

I hope that you have enjoyed a fantastic summer.  As we begin our 2019-2020 activities together at NYSAE, it’s my pleasure to welcome our new members and thank our returning members for their continued support. I’d also like to express my sincere appreciation to all our board members, committee chairs, volunteers and staff who generously contribute their time and energy to building NYSAE into this dynamic and progressive organization.

Please take a few moments to review our slate of upcoming programs and events which offer outstanding educational and networking opportunities for all management levels.  I hope you will take advantage of your investment in your NYSAE membership by attending and participating as often as possible.  I’m confident your experience will be well worth your time.

I trust you have noticed the extensive changes and innovations that are taking place within our organization as we honor our long and rich heritage of service to the association management community while launching several new strategic initiatives. I hope you enjoy this new and improved newsletter and please watch for our updated awards program and many additional opportunities to learn and grow together.   

Thanks for being a part of this new chapter in our history.  I hope you share my anticipation and excitement for the upcoming year and all our opportunities to impact and enrich the world around us.

All the best,


Charles Riotto

NYSAE Chairman