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If you ask my friends what I did you’d get a bunch of wrong answers; I think he does events, or public relations, or volunteer work, like fundraisers. Close, but no cigar. Even Glassdoor and Indeed don’t know what I do; the last five jobs they recommended for me are marketing analyst, sales, sales, sales and public relations. If it is so hard for job sites to find, how did we, the royal we, find association management?

For two NYSAE team members, myself and Tatyana James, we were quite literally born into it. My mother served on the board of her high school’s alumni association forever and had me attending meetings as an infant. Tatyana’s mother is a Senior Professional Director at a large association and Tatyana was always around the office under foot. It’s fitting that we work for NYSAE, the association of associations in New York, and that we’re tasked with growing the family.

One of those initiatives is to launch the Next Generation Engagement Group and ‘start ‘em young’, capturing those who are first starting out and who are emerging professionals under the age of 35. NYSAE wants to be that family where you can come to an event and meet new friends, commiserate over our days and celebrate each other’s accomplishments. “You secured how much in sponsorship sales this year? Tell me how, now!”

Our first Next Gen event is on March 4, an informal networking cocktail reception at the Foundry Bar in the Westin Times Square. It’s a chance to meet other young professionals who understand exactly what your day-to-day is like and to start building your own professional network and work family. Space is limited to 25 so make sure to register early to secure your spot.

I look forward to seeing you there!


James Brannigan
Associate Director


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