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If the title “Wizard of Retail” belongs to anyone, it must be Marshal Cohen. For 20 years, Cohen has ranked as the go-to retail guru for retailers and retail media in his post as chief industry advisor for research and consulting firm NPD Group. Cohen also is the author of two industry-influencing books, “Why Customers Do What They Do” and “Buy Me! How to Get Customers to Choose Your Products and Ignore the Rest.”
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Something was bothering Rob Trauber last year. The CEO of women’s apparel brand Johnny Was had just seen the Los Angeles-based company expand to 50 stores with more on the way and a double-digit annual growth in sales to $100 million. The brand was also a top seller in outlets such as Nordstrom and Neiman Marcus. What kept Trauber up at night, however, was his sense that its marketing was slipping.
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Cut TCO by 15% on barcode devices
Retailers have relied on rugged handheld devices for over 30 years to boost efficiency and productivity. All along, devices have suffered from failures due to charging contacts that get dirty, corrode, or break. Wireless charging prevents device failure, drastically reducing TCO. An enterprise can easily reduce TCO by 15% or more deploying wireless charging devices.
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NRF is proud to provide our members with the online Retail Buying Guide to search for trusted vendors, products and services in the retail industry. Our guide is a user-friendly forum designed to bring suppliers and purchasers together. You can search by keyword, location, company name or category. Available whenever you need it, the Retail Buying Guide makes it easy to locate products and professional services geared to the retail industry. Click here to visit the online Retail Buying Guide! To advertise, please contact Sarah Allen for more information.

Michelle Obama on Jimmy Fallon. Serena Williams on Teen Vogue. Nicole Kidman at the Emmys. All have one thing in common: They were wearing pinky rings from Shiffon, a startup that focuses on helping other women. The ring is symbolic of a “pinky swear” to support other women.

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Take Care, an all-natural skincare, beauty and lifestyle shop in Washington, D.C., is such an inviting space that its customers want more reasons to stay in the store. On this episode of NRF’s Retail Gets Real podcast, founder Becky Waddell describes how she finds new ways to use her retail space, from experimenting with co-working to introducing new services.
Brain of the Store won a spot in the Innovation Lab at NRF 2020 Vision: Retail’s Big Show at last week’s Tech Trends in Retail event, co-hosted by NRF and RevTech Ventures. Brain of the Store is a spatial artificial intelligence platform that analyzes store and shopper movement in real time to provide visibility into customer and staff behavior. 
Generation Z is responsible for a fundamental shift in the way families shop and it’s having an impact on the retail industry. NRF’s latest Consumer View report takes a deeper dive into the role these teens and pre-teens play in their parents’ purchasing decisions and how they’re spending their own money.
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With a mobile-first user experience, Capango eliminates the need for resumes by capturing data points about the Seeker—such as location, availability, interests, and skill sets—in just a few taps. By automatically matching Seekers with jobs based on tags selected when creating a job posting, Capango helps employers get one step closer to finding the perfect hire.
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For Five Coffee Roasters and Pharmapacks of Queens, N.Y., have partnered to establish a joint ecommerce coffee marketplace which will allow For Five to expand on its web footprint and national reach and Pharmapacks to add another staple household item to its variety of offerings.


Midwestern convenience retailer United Dairy Farmers Inc. has selected an advanced labor solution from Reflexis Systems Inc. to simplify associate scheduling and forecasting for its convenience stores and other lines of business.


To help support its growth into a billion-dollar jewelry operation, specialty retailer Kendra Scott has selected Oracle to help manage its inventory and customers at the same level of experience it was built upon.

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Increasing Conversion with Localized Marketing
While everyone acknowledges in-store conversion is key to success, how best to optimize localized retail operations to drive customer engagement and conversion is less straightforward.  As consumer behavior and preferences evolve, brick and mortar stores must be one step ahead in evolving with them, adjusting store specific strategies and execution accordingly. By leveraging technology to personalize products and messaging, retailers can have targeted conversations with customers that drive conversion.
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Paytronix Systems Inc., developer of an advanced digital guest experience platform, has announced that Great Harvest Bread Company has migrated its loyalty program to the Paytronix Platform.


After a record-shattering launch on the West Coast, the Impossible Burger has made its East Coast grocery store debut at all 100 Wegmans grocery stores in seven states and at two Manhattan locations of Fairway Market.


ReposiTrak Inc., the industry leader in compliance, food safety and risk management for the retail supply chain, has announced that Wild Coyote Foods, a salad dressing and salsa company, has chosen the ReposiTrak Compliance & Risk Management Solution to automate supplier document compliance for food safety and quality.