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For several reasons, grocery shopping seems to be an increasingly frequent occurrence, though no longer a thankless chore. Shopper preferences and habits are driving up the number of trips, and the market appears to be on the cusp of a major shift in how consumers access food and household items.
It’s no secret that communication, collaboration and a healthy dose of well-deployed technology are essential for the health of any retail organization. Through productive dialogue with customers, competitors and consultants, a retailer can strive to continuously improve all aspects of its operations — be it merchandising, promotion, logistics or, perhaps most importantly, security.
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Cut TCO by 15% on barcode devices
Retailers have relied on rugged handheld devices for over 30 years to boost efficiency and productivity. All along, devices have suffered from failures due to charging contacts that get dirty, corrode, or break. Wireless charging prevents device failure, drastically reducing TCO. An enterprise can easily reduce TCO by 15% or more deploying wireless charging devices.
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Boston-based ecommerce site Dough is highlighting women-owned businesses with the launch of a subscription-based service. The effort took off in June with 1,000 founding memberships, available for $89 on a first-come, first-served basis. It’s an opportunity for women to support women with their wallets, says co-founder Vanessa Bruce.
Rush, rush, rush? When it comes to pizza, not so fast. Sargento introduced its Reserve Series, featuring aged cheeses, with a “world’s slowest pizza” campaign. Consumers were able to order a free pizza on April 29 — but had to wait between four and 18 months for delivery. The idea was to emphasize just how long it takes for these quality cheeses to age.
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Jeffrey Rayport, a faculty member in the Entrepreneurial Management Unit at Harvard Business School, helped plan the recent NRF NXT conference. Now Rayport sits down with NRF’s Retail Gets Real podcast team to talk about the three-ingredient “secret sauce” retailers can employ to keep pace with today’s competitive retail platforms. Listen here and subscribe.
NRF’s 2019 National Retail Security Survey found that 89 percent of loss prevention executives saw increasing overlap between retail LP teams and cybersecurity teams, but only 30 percent were regularly involved in cybersecurity issues. Executives from Williams-Sonoma Inc., Dunkin' Brands, Jack in the Box and D&D Daily discussed how IT and LP can work together at the recent NRF PROTECT 2019 conference. Read more.
The rise of social media influencers has given retailers of all sizes a new way to reach untapped customers and promote their brands. At NRF NXT, H&M USA’s head of marketing Mario Moreno shared how H&M built its influencer ambassador program, along with three tips for turning influencers into a network of loyal and diverse content creators. Read more.
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With a mobile-first user experience, Capango eliminates the need for resumes by capturing data points about the Seeker—such as location, availability, interests, and skill sets—in just a few taps. By automatically matching Seekers with jobs based on tags selected when creating a job posting, Capango helps employers get one step closer to finding the perfect hire.
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Retail Deals

Eversight, a leader in AI-powered pricing and promotion software, is arming Raley’s, a family-owned grocery company, with dynamic, automated price testing for real-time insights into customer behavior.


Working with Oracle, Office Depot Mexico, a retailer of office supplies, stationery, furniture and electronic products across Mexico, Colombia, Guatemala, Costa Rica, Panama, El Salvador, Honduras and Chile, is looking to increase merchandising accuracy by increasing visibility into the movement of every product across its omnichannel operations.


RangeMe, an industry standard sourcing platform that streamlines new product discovery between product suppliers and retailers, recently announced that Walgreens, one of the nation's largest drugstore chains, has joined the platform to more easily access new and diverse suppliers.


Working with Selligent Marketing Cloud, a global B2C marketing automation company, Inc., an online retailer of health and wellness products, recently completed a successful digital marketing campaign, driving revenue per email (RPE) up 31 percent, while simultaneously boosting customer engagement and lifetime value.


Aramark, a global leader in food, facilities management and uniforms, recently acquired privately held Good Uncle, an innovative, app-based on-demand food delivery service that brings freshly prepared, restaurant quality meals to conveniently located pick-up points around college campuses.


At a recent auction, 1-800-FLOWERS.COM Inc., a leading provider of gifts designed to help customers express, connect and celebrate, was the winning bidder for certain assets of the gourmet food business of the FTD Companies Inc., including the Shari’s Berries brand.


DoorDash, the fastest-growing last-mile logistics platform in the United States, has entered into a definitive agreement with Square to acquire Caviar, creating a highly differentiated company with a unique brand and wide-ranging selection.