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The effectiveness of body cameras as law enforcement technology is still subject to debate. When it comes to store security personnel, however, they could well be the next big thing. Walmart’s U.K. supermarket chain Asda began outfitting security guards with body cameras last year in an effort to protect them from abuse and attack from the public.
Q Acoustics is a U.K.-based manufacturer of high-end audio equipment that has been successful in selling its products worldwide but until recently lacked the ability to sell online in the United States. The company needed more than just help setting up a website. It needed a partner to handle all aspects of customer service, payment and sales.

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Oki Data Americas, Inc.
Port of Los Angeles

NRF is proud to provide our members with the online Retail Buying Guide to search for trusted vendors, products and services in the retail industry. Our guide is a user-friendly forum designed to bring suppliers and purchasers together. You can search by keyword, location, company name or category. Available whenever you need it, the Retail Buying Guide makes it easy to locate products and professional services geared to the retail industry. Click here to visit the online Retail Buying Guide! To advertise, please contact Sarah Allen for more information.

Datalogic USA, Inc.
Cut TCO by 15% on barcode devices
Retailers have relied on rugged handheld devices for over 30 years to boost efficiency and productivity. All along, devices have suffered from failures due to charging contacts that get dirty, corrode, or break. Wireless charging prevents device failure, drastically reducing TCO. An enterprise can easily reduce TCO by 15% or more deploying wireless charging devices.
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If it seems like Generation Y consumers are always shopping with their phones, well, they are. New research from GfK shows that 73 percent of those ages 29-38 report using a smartphone for shopping over the last six months. That’s compared with just 33 percent of baby boomers (ages 54-72) and 59 percent of Generation X (ages 39-53).
Gordon Brothers
Crawford Contractor Connection
NRF News
Ahead of NRF’s annual loss prevention and cyber risk event, NRF PROTECT 2019, Giant Food’s Director of Asset Protection Mike Brenton shares what’s behind the security camera at the grocery store and the evolving role of LP in driving sales on this episode of NRF’s Retail Gets Real podcast. Listen here and subscribe.
Mother’s Day spending is expected to total a record $25 billion this year, up from $23.1 billion in 2018, according to NRF’s annual survey. An estimated 86 percent of Americans plan to celebrate the holiday and spend an average of $196. See the data here.
Relationships included with every shopper interaction.
Your biggest successes are still ahead. But to get there, you’ll need to include something extra in every transaction: an awesome relationship. That’s where Salesforce has your back. It’s the world’s #1 engagement platform, helping you connect to your shoppers in a whole new way.
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Evan Chisholm received the NRF Foundation’s Ray Greenly Scholarship in 2014 and now works at his dream retailer, Nike. Chisolm credits his career success to the Foundation, which “really opened my eyes up to merchandising as an actual career path,” he says. Read Chisolm’s story.
ACI Worldwide HQ
Retail Deals

British brand Mulberry has deployed solutions by Aptos to enhance pre-season and in-season planning, with a future goal to focus on supply chain management for faster sourcing, product development and greater efficiency.


The Stockholm-based fashion house Acne Studios has expanded its existing European partnership with Klarna, a leading global alternative payments provider, to allow U.S. shoppers the option to check out with four equal payments — with no interest or fees.


Farmatodo, a leading Venezuelan self-service chain of pharmacies, is partnering with Oracle Retail to help expand into new countries, deploy new stores faster and better serve in-store shoppers with a modern POS system.


Beginning in July, all Kohl’s stores will be accepting free, convenient, unpackaged returns for Amazon customers.

Visa has introduced a new platform with a set of beta APIs, specifications and development tools for issuers and issuer processors to begin building and beta testing new payment products to help meet the future needs of digital-first consumers.


Wiivv, a technology company that brings digitally customized footwear to consumers, has announced an integration with Volumental, a technology company that helps people find perfect-fitting footwear through AI-driven recommendations in retail and ecommerce.


Rip Curl, a designer, manufacturer and retailer of high-tech surfing sportswear and accompanying products, will replace its legacy product lifestyle management system with Andromeda PLM® from New Generation Computing Inc.


Barnes & Noble Education Inc., a leading provider of educational products and services solutions for higher education and K-12 institutions, is expanding its relationship with W. W. Norton & Company, a large, independent, employee-owned book publishing firm, to further the availability of high-quality digital content on campuses nationwide.