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It’s practically become a cliché the past few years: Physical retail is dying; ecommerce can stand on its own. But if both of those are true, why are so many digital natives opening physical locations? The answer is simple, says Nikki Baird, vice president of retail innovation at Aptos. “There is no way to grow as fast as opening physical locations.”

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Oki Data Americas, Inc.
Port of Los Angeles

NRF is proud to provide our members with the online Retail Buying Guide to search for trusted vendors, products and services in the retail industry. Our guide is a user-friendly forum designed to bring suppliers and purchasers together. You can search by keyword, location, company name or category. Available whenever you need it, the Retail Buying Guide makes it easy to locate products and professional services geared to the retail industry. Click here to visit the online Retail Buying Guide! To advertise, please contact Sarah Allen for more information.

Datalogic USA, Inc.
Cut TCO by 15% on barcode devices
Retailers have relied on rugged handheld devices for over 30 years to boost efficiency and productivity. All along, devices have suffered from failures due to charging contacts that get dirty, corrode, or break. Wireless charging prevents device failure, drastically reducing TCO. An enterprise can easily reduce TCO by 15% or more deploying wireless charging devices.
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Consider it a matter of marketing with “clean” lines: OMO, the Unilever laundry detergent brand, is turning the concept of sample products on its head with a new water-soluble clothing tag.
Gordon Brothers
Crawford Contractor Connection
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Lisa Bradley and Cameron Cruse are military wives and co-founders of R.Riveter, a handbag business that empowers military families through mobile, flexible income. On this episode of NRF’s Retail Gets Real podcast, Bradley and Cruse discuss their experience on the TV show “Shark Tank,” their advice for aspiring entrepreneurs and how they make their unique business model work. Listen here and subscribe. 
As head of WGSN Insight, Andrea Bell works with some of the world’s biggest brands to identify and analyze trends and how they will affect consumer behavior. Ahead of her appearance at NRFtech 2019, Bell offers four steps to predicting retail trends. Read more.
Relationships included with every shopper interaction.
Your biggest successes are still ahead. But to get there, you’ll need to include something extra in every transaction: an awesome relationship. That’s where Salesforce has your back. It’s the world’s #1 engagement platform, helping you connect to your shoppers in a whole new way.
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Every year, NRF and the Mercer research firm team up to deliver the U.S. Retail Compensation and Benefits Survey, which collects data from retailers and their employees about compensation, turnover, incentive structures, benefits packages, demographics and more. The survey is being conducted through April 26. Learn more and take the survey.
Retail Deals

Due to a new strategic association between Western Union, a leader in global, cross-border money transfer, and retailer Dollar Generalconsumers will now have the ability to initiate money transfer transactions digitally through the Western Union mobile app or by visiting, and then pay with cash in store at Dollar General’s more than 15,000 store locations across 44 states.


Zebra Technologies Corporation, an innovator that allows businesses to gain a performance edge, has unveiled the next evolution of its MC9000 series — the ultra-rugged AndroidTM-based MC9300 — which is ideal for inventory management, receiving/put-aways, returns processing and more.


For the first time in its brand history, GUESS? Inc. is introducing the #GUESSVintage program with over 150 authenticated pieces to be sold exclusively at Los Angeles-based retailer Fred Segal on Sunset Boulevard in West Hollywood. The buy-back program creates a special offering for the nostalgia-loving customer while keeping circular fashion and sustainability in mind.

Scoobeez Global Inc., a leader in on-demand, last-mile logistics and delivery services, is expanding into three key locations in the greater Dallas area. Its internally developed proprietary route optimization software platform enables timely and efficient deliveries and helps businesses reach more customers.


Toshiba Global Commerce Solutions, a global market share leader for integrated in-store retail solutions, is enhancing the customer experience for Value Center Marketplace grocery shoppers due to the deployment of the Toshiba Self-Checkout Systems units at two store locations in Michigan.


Technology company Chicory and Wakefern Food Corp., the largest retailer-owned cooperative in the United States and the merchandising and distribution arm for ShopRite stores, are launching a shoppable recipe partnership which will make it easier for shoppers to send recipe ingredients directly into online shopping baskets on ShopRite’s ecommerce ordering site,