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The annual Global Powers of Retailing report takes a look at the 250 largest retailers around the world and analyzes their performance based on geographic region, primary product sector, e-commerce activity and other factors.

The largest pet specialty retailer in North America is evolving into a multichannel brand bent on engaging customers on their laptops, mobile phones and in person. “Our strategy is really about delivering a range of options and opportunities so that pet parents can connect and engage with us and shop with us when, where and how they choose,” says Eran Cohen, PetSmart’s chief customer experience officer.

Tata America International Corporation

To maintain its reputation, shoe manufacturer Vibram — best known for its FiveFingers shoes — turned to an online brand protection firm. In just a few weeks, the firm identified more than 200 websites selling counterfeit Vibram goods; seven months into the partnership, more than 2,000 counterfeit listings had been removed from online marketplaces.


Fast-casual restaurant operators, take notice: Nearly a third of QSR diners actively engage with restaurant apps, according to a recent survey from end-to-end mobility services company DMI. The survey also evaluated 75 restaurants; Domino’s led in offers and loyalty.

Barnes & Noble is getting into the restaurant business, and its latest offering goes beyond standard bookstore coffee shop fare. Barnes & Noble Kitchen, currently in four locations including Edina, Minn., features an all-day menu touting seasonal, local ingredients and a large selection of premium wines and locally sourced craft beer.

Market 5-ONE-5, opening this spring in Sacramento, Calif., could be a healthy consumer’s dream come true. Based on the belief that customers want to both know where their food comes from and connect with local stores, the market is focused on organic nutrition and education.

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NRF News

The NRF Foundation says it has brought together dozens of retailers and nonprofits to launch RISE Up, a groundbreaking new training and credentialing initiative designed by the retail industry to help people acquire the skills they need to secure jobs in retail and advance into promising careers.

NRF's 106th Annual Convention, held this week in New York, welcomed nearly 35,000 attendees to the Big Apple for more than 100 educational sessions and miles of retail technology in the exhibit hall and Innovation Lab. Visit the official recap page for articles, videos, presentations, photos and other highlights from Retail’s BIG Show.

Holiday sales in 2016 increased 4 percent to $658.3 billion, as a strengthening economy encouraged consumers to spend even more freely than expected. NRF had forecast growth of 3.6 percent. The numbers include online sales, which grew 12.6 percent to $122.9 billion.

Retail Deals

Infor is working with Crate and Barrel to help create a new approach to retail technology. Crate and Barrel joins other retailers in the co-development of Infor CloudSuite Retail, a new software product designed to deliver superior interactions for both store associates and consumers, and to provide a modern foundation that powers omnichannel retailing. 


Buckle is partnering with Aptos to outfit its enterprise with Aptos’ integrated solution suite offering retail technology in the cloud. Buckle hopes to transform its omnichannel operations and deliver powerful, personalized experiences for its guests. Meanwhile, The Fragrance Outlet has selected the Aptos Singular Commerce platform in the cloud to support the retailer’s continued growth and omnichannel transformation.


Digimarc and Bossa Nova Robotics announced a new initiative to enhance next-generation retail solutions for more efficient inventory management. Bossa Nova has partnered with Digimarc to integrate the company’s technology into its retail robots, allowing them to quickly and accurately scan products enhanced with Digimarc Barcode.


Topco Associates LLC, the largest food buying cooperative in the United States, and Symphony EYC have announced the establishment of an aggregated solution to provide Topco member retailers with both insights and reports to help drive same-store sales.


Thomas Pink has deployed the Acuitas Digital Internet of Things platform (co-founded by SATO Global Solutions) at its Wall Street New York City store. The platform helps the retailer digitize its physical store.

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