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The 2016 Texas DOT/Cement Council of Texas Concrete Conference held last week in Austin resulted in record attendance - nearly a 50% increase from last year's event - along with the most extensive technical program to date. NRMCA Senior Vice President, Local Paving, Brian Killingsworth featured prominently in the "Local Roads" track of the program, providing a tutorial to local agency officials and consulting engineers on the use of StreetPave 12 for concrete pavement design. Additionally, Texas Aggregates and Concrete Association President Dr. Rich Szecsy highlighted recent key changes in ASTM C94 during the general session on materials.

More than TxDOT, local agency and private industry personnel attended the three-day educational and networking event. TxDOT is the largest builder of concrete pavements in the U.S.

For more information, please contact Jan Prusinski, Cement Council of Texas, at
The Idaho Concrete & Aggregate Producers Association hosted a concrete pavement seminar in March aimed at engineers in the Boise area, reports NRMCA Pavement Engineer  Amanda Hult who provided engineers with basic information for conventional concrete and concrete overlay designs. Hult stressed that civil engineers responsible for the site design will often depend on a geotechnical engineer’s recommendations found in his or her reports for the pavement section. "For this reason, geotechnical engineers must understand ACI 330 and use that as the basis for their parking lot designs," Hult said.

Hult also provided attendees with information on NRMCA's Design Assistance Program (DAP) and challenged them each to submit a project for assistance. In addition to the DAP submittal, Hult urged engineers to always include a concrete section as a part of their design. "Providing multiple options for paving spurs competition, which is a win for the owner," noted Hult.

For more information on NRMCA’s Design Assistance Program, contact Amanda Hult at
The NRMCA Pervious Concrete Promotion Subcommittee has extended the deadline for collecting information regarding repair techniques for pervious concrete pavements. Contractors and ready mix suppliers are welcomed to contribute their successful techniques through Saturday, April 30. The information collected will be included in a new Pervious in Practice document.

"Besides diamond grinding and full-depth replacement of damaged pervious concrete, we know that there are numerous pervious concrete craftsmen and installers who have implemented their own methods of repair with success," says NRMCA Senior Director, Local Paving, Phil Kresge. "We are hoping that those individuals will be willing to share their experiences with us so that we can provide a comprehensive guide of all repair procedures."

Contractors or ready mix suppliers who would like to contribute information should forward a brief summary of the repair technique to either Phil Kresge at or to Jim Miller at For more information, contact Phil Kresge.
Are you tired of watching wood buildings going up and wondering why they are not concrete? Are you wondering how you can change this alarming trend? Come learn about the seven things you can do to help win back share of concrete in buildings from wood and steel. In September 2015, the NRMCA Board of Directors adopted a comprehensive building promotion plan to stem and regain concrete’s loss of market share in the low/mid-rise buildings market. The main strategy: direct project promotion where NRMCA, members and industry partners work directly with developers to provide technical support and design assistance with the primary objective of converting wood and steel designs to concrete. Two other strategies provide support, including communications and advocacy. This Webinar will layout the seven basic steps toward gaining back that lost share and increase the amount of concrete placed in buildings.

To register, click on one of the following dates:
• Thursday, April 28 - 11 a.m. *each is Eastern time
• Thursday, May 26 - 11 a.m.
• Thursday, June 23 - 11 a.m.

For more information, contact Lionel Lemay at or 847-918-7101.
The Concrete Reinforcing Steel Institute (CRSI) is seeking submittals from owners, designers, builders and product suppliers for outstanding concrete building and bridge projects located in the United States, Canada or Mexico. Participation is free and there is no limit on the number of project entries. Entries have the opportunity for widespread recognition of their project accomplishments. Many entries become case studies in CRSI’s popular university and professional development programs. Submitted projects will be juried by a CRSI-selected panel of recognized industry design and construction professionals. Project categories include:

• Residential and Hotel
• Commercial & Mixed-Use
• Healthcare
• Educational
• Federal, State or Municipal
• Cultural and Entertainment
• Transportation

The jury evaluates project based on maximizing project value, innovation, sustainability and efficient design and construction. Submittals are due Friday, May 27 and can be submitted online at CRSI is a strong ally in the new NRMCA Building Promotion Program; they and are working together on outreach, direct project promotion and education.

For more information, contact Lionel Lemay at or 847-918-7101.
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With the annual eastern U.S. Plant Manager Certification completed last week in Birmingham, AL, the last two 2016 classes move west. Both are expected to be filled, so registering sooner rather than later is highly encouraged (the 2017 schedule will be released mid-summer). Upcoming classes will be conducted as follows:
  • June 28 – July 1, in Centennial, CO (metro Denver)
  • December 13  - 16, in Anaheim, CA (metro Los Angeles)
According to NRMCA’s Industry Data Survey, Operations and Production account for approximately 90%+ of producers’ expenses. Therefore, as a producer’s business increases, it is critical your plant operators are at the  top of their game when it comes to efficiency and productivity. Whether your operations staff now manages more plants, is new to plant management and batching, or has unplanned down time, the curriculum intensely covers product knowledge, plant safety, environmental regulations, plant operations and ready mixed industry business principles. It’s a must to support your profit margin.

Click here for more information, registration options and staff contact.
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In collaboration with engineering and design firm Arup and funding from the RMC Research & Education Foundation, NRMCA published a Material Ingredient Reporting Guidance document which explains and provides pathways for concrete producers to contribute toward LEED v4 Materials and Resources: Building Product Disclosure and Optimization — Material Ingredients credit. This report has determined that concrete producers will have to obtain and report information on material ingredients and chemical constituents from their supply chain in an unprecedented way. In addition to presenting compliance paths, this report recommends the most practical and inexpensive pathway for the majority of concrete producers for establishing the necessary information for delivering on the credit criteria.

Click here to read the report. For more information, contact James Bogdan at or 412-420-4138.
Media articles on Congress, transportation infrastructure, regulation, taxes and other subjects, each of which relate to the ready mixed concrete industry, are updated each week by NRMCA's Government Affairs staff. To access the most recent compilation of articles for April 4 - 8, 2016, please click here.

If you would like to receive this weekly updated link in a separate e-mail, or if you have questions or comments about the roundup, contact NRMCA’s Jill Landry at
To facilitate collaboration with its members and state affiliates, NRMCA has launched a "State and Local Government Affairs" section of its Web site. The section provides a growing library of model legislation that encourages concrete construction at the state and local levels. In addition, NRMCA has resources to help members and state affiliates advocate for concrete construction, including developing legislation, talking points, public relations tools and marketing collateral. These new resources support NRMCA’s building promotion program strategies related to advocacy. 

Click here to visit the new section. To learn more about how NRMCA can assist in state advocacy, please contact John Loyer, senior director of state and local government affairs, at 703-675-7603 or
Tim McMahon returns on Tuesday, May 10, from noon to 1:30 p.m. Eastern time for a Webinar that delves into leadership and coaching skills. Topics covered are:

• The important difference between management and leadership – and why it matters;
• When to be a "Manager" and when to be a "Leader" – a critical difference;
• The 4 Coaching Strategies – different coaching styles for different employees; and
• "C4 Leadership" – How to become an effective leader.

The principles covered are also appropriate for other customer service-focused RMC managers, including those in  dispatch, admin, and executive; any manager who wants to become a more effective leader and coach.

Click here for more information, registration options and staff contact.
The NRMCA April Internet Spotlight, which will be good through Tuesday, May 3, is the Mixer Truck Driver's Manual. This manual educates truck mixer drivers about concrete and customer relations. It also highlights driver duties, safety precautions, equipment inspection and maintenance procedures, and what the driver should do in case of an accident. This 74-page manual is easy to understand and contains common sense information every driver should know.

Order online today and receive 20% off the regular member single set price of $16 (making this Internet Special offer $12.80, plus shipping). Please use discount code: ISAP16.
*Please note that e-mail and direct links to each event listed below can be accessed from NRMCA's Web site.

April 25 - 26, Foxboro, MA
North East ConcreteWorks 2016 Conference
Email: Tamara Waugh, 240-485-1132
April 28, Webinar
Seven Things You Can Do To Place More Concrete in Buildings
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-918-7101
May 3, Free Webinar
The Quantifiable Advantages of Concrete Parking Lots
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
May 4, Manchester, NH
Improving Concrete Quality
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
May 9, Webinar
Designing and Specifying Pervious Concrete Part 1 (Part 2 is May 16)
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
May 10, Webinar
Personal Leadership and Coaching
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
May 10, Webinar
Introduction to Concrete Pavement Analyst
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
May 15 - 18, Washington, DC
International Concrete Sustainability & Self-Compacting Concrete Conference
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-918-7101
May 17, Free Webinar
Pervious Concrete Maintenance Guidelines
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
May 26, Webinar
Seven Things You Can Do To Place More Concrete in Buildings
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-918-7101
June 6 - 8, Silver Spring, MD
Concrete Durability Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
June 28 - July 1, Centennial, CO
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
June 23, Webinar
Seven Things You Can Do To Place More Concrete in Buildings
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-918-7101
September 18 - 20, Nashville, TN
NRMCA's ConcreteWorks 2016
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
October 4 - 7, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP Module I: Concrete 101
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
October 11, Webinar
Recruiting & Hiring Top Performing Ready Mix Sales Reps
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
November 7-11, Silver Spring, MD
Annual "Short Course"
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152

December 6, Webinar 
Sales Performance Assessments and Reviews... for Ready Mix Sales Managers
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
December 13-16, Anaheim, CA
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
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