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Schwing America, Inc.
NRMCA's celebration of the 100th anniversary of ready mixed concrete in the U.S. continues its submissions for November - see below for this week's Producer and Associate member Web site links. This week's industry milestone: The Dames Pointe span over the St. John’s River, Jacksonville, FL, with a 1,300 foot span, became the longest concrete cable-stayed bridge in North America when completed in 1988.

To have your company featured in this space in the coming weeks, please contact 
NRMCA's Kathleen Carr Smith at or 301-587-1400, ext. 1145.

Kentucky Concrete, Inc. - The company was founded in 1979 under the name Hardin County Ready Mix, Inc. by nine local builder/developers to insure a readily available source of concrete for their own use, as well as filling a gap in the market for timely deliveries of concrete. In 1982, the late Joe K. Schlatter purchased the stock from the other eight local builders. With steady growth over the next few years and a growing need for an easier access to the Elizabethtown market, the assets of Larue County Ready Mix was purchased in early 1984. The business was incorporated under the name of Lincoln Trail Ready Mix, Inc. and ran separate from Hardin County Ready Mix, Inc. Read more.

An NRMCA Producer member since 1998

Housby - Since 1969, Housby has been known for the quality of new and used trucks it sells. What started out primarily as a Mack Truck dealership has grown into a conglomerate of vertically integrated businesses. Housby is also a member of the Truck Mixer Manufacturers Bureau for its manufacturing of mixer drums. Read more.

An NRMCA Associate member since 1998
GivenHansco, Inc
After decades in the cut-throat concrete industry, Australian Joe Wagner recognizes the importance of innovation to remaining competitive. Wagners, a family company that supplies construction materials to the building industry, has invested eight years of research and development at its laboratory in Toowoomba, Queensland, into the formulation of a "green" concrete. The product, marketed as "earth-friendly concrete", is based on a cement-like material made using slag and fly ash that replaces Portland cement as a binder in concrete. Wagner says the concrete costs about as much as that made with Portland cement. However, it is making inroads into the market, partly because of its environmental and structural characteristics.

Source: A November 16 posting on the Web site of The Australian. Read more.
Perhaps at some point you find yourself asking, "Where do old poker chips go when casino bosses decide they're no longer fit for using?" Well, sometimes the answer involves the world's most versatile building material and, in a reference to Las Vegas's sometimes sordid past, "sleeping with the fishes."

Source: A November 13 posting on Las Vegas Nv Blog. Read more.
Today’s furniture makers are using the industrial material to make a wide range of objects, from dining chairs and tables to candelabras and even pillows. To do so, designers often replace the gravel and sand used in conventional concrete with high-tech materials, such as fibreglass or steel-reinforcing micro fibres.

Source: A story that appeared earlier this year in the Financial Times. Read more.
The Federal Highway Administration (FHWA) established a technical working group (TWG) to provide input and feedback on pavement and material sustainability. The working group is composed of representatives from state DOTs, other government agencies, academia and industry. The working group is part of FHWA's Sustainable Pavements Program, established in 2010, which strives to advance the knowledge and practice of sustainability in the pavements and materials area. The integrated program covers asphalt, concrete, granular and recyclable materials used in pavement systems and promotes research into new sustainable materials and processes.

Program objectives include developing guidelines for designing and constructing sustainable pavement systems; evaluating materials, processes, technologies and tools to aid in the evaluation, design and construction of sustainable pavement systems; and conducting technology transfer and deployment activities. In support of these objectives, the working group meets twice a year to exchange ideas, innovative solutions and evaluate products under development by the FHWA sustainable pavements team. At a recent TWG meeting held in Baton Rouge, LA, Franz-Joseph Ulm of the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub presented the latest results of the pavement-vehicle interaction (PVI) model being developed by MIT and feedback from the group was very positive. Previous input from the technical working group was instrumental in shaping the current version of the PVI model. NRMCA Vice President Pavement Structures Brian Killingsworth is a friend of the committee and ensures that the benefits of ready mixed concrete are considered in the work that the group performs.

For more information about the FHWA Sustainable Pavements Program or results from the MIT CSHub, contact Brian Killingsworth at or 830-438-2690.
The NRMCA Promotion Committee Task Force on Roller-Compacted Concrete (RCC) is charting the waters for producers looking to dip their toes into the RCC market. "Roller-Compacted concrete pavement is a viable alternative to conventional asphalt paving that offers our industry strong growth opportunities," says NRMCA Senior National Resource Director Phil Kresge. " As we move into this market we have plenty to learn and the task force will help in smoothing out that learning curve."

During a recent meeting, the task force determined that there are several good technical documents currently available or in development that provide information on production, design and construction of RCC pavement. It was suggested that what is needed is a Ready Mixed Producer’s Guide to Roller-Compacted Concrete Pavement that would assist producers in understanding the nuances of RCC, specifically in mix design and placement procedure.

A section of the Guide will also be dedicated to how best to promote RCC pavement, patterned after NRMCA’s Promotion and Advocacy Guide for Concrete Streets and Roads. Topics within this section will include customers’ expectations for RCC pavement, the difference between selling conventional concrete and RCC, and developing relationships with RCC/Asphalt Contractors.

There is still opportunity for anyone interested to join the RCC Task Force by contacting Phil Kresge at
NRMCA has announced a new State Affiliate Promoter of the Year Award to recognize outstanding concrete promotion contributions by an employee of one of NRMCA’s State Affiliate partner organizations. Nominees must be a current employee of the Affiliate and have worked in the industry for at least five years. Existing NRMCA promotion awards are the Lifetime Achievement Award for Promotion and the Concrete Producer Promoter of the Year Award. Nominations are open for all three awards with a December 20, 2013 deadline.

NRMCA promotion awards are presented at the Annual Convention every spring.  Any active participant in the ready mixed concrete industry (including suppliers and contractors) can help a promotion champion gain acknowledgement by nominating him or her for any of these prestigious awards. Information about all three promotion awards and the simple nomination process can be found here.

For more information, contact Glenn Ochsenreiter at
NRMCA has created a series of training modules to help develop promotion and advocacy strategies for concrete streets and local roads (SLR). The series will be offered at no cost to NRMCA members and partners as a 10 Webinar series beginning this week on Friday, November 22, at 11 a.m. Eastern time with a promotion and advocacy overview. This first Webinar will cover general issues and approaches appropriate for review by any producer or coalition that is considering a SLR promotion effort. Subsequent Webinars will provide much more detail on recommended strategies and approaches. Please note that these modules can be packaged together and presented in half or full-day sessions on location. Click here to sign up for any of the first four Webinars below:

SLR Planning & Strategy:
                1- Promotion/Advocacy Overview: Glenn Ochsenreiter/Amy Miller, Friday, November 22, 11 a.m. to noon Eastern time
                2 - Team Building & Situation Analysis: Phil Kresge/Doug O’Neill, Thursday, December 5, 11 a.m. to noon Eastern time
                3 - Promotion for DOTs, Counties & Municipalities: Jon Hansen/Phil Kresge, January 9, 2014, 11 a.m. to noon Eastern time
                4 - Winning Initial Projects in Counties & Municipalities: Jon Hansen/Amy Miller, January 29, 2014, 11 a.m. to noon Eastern time
                5 - Elected-Official Advocacy: Glenn Ochsenreiter/Amy Miller, details to be announced

Additional modules focus on utilizing promotion/advocacy resources and will be scheduled beginning in February 2014: Utilizing MIT Research Results, Industry Promotion & Technical Resources for SLR & Parking Lots, SLR Concrete Construction & Repair Basics, Overlays for SLR and RCC for SLR.

For more information, contact Glenn Ochsenreiter at or 240-485-1140.
The Euclid Chemical Company
NRMCA is now accepting entries for its 2013 Kids Art Contest. In rounding out the 100th Anniversary of Ready Mixed Concrete, the theme for the contest is "The Evolution of the Ready Mixed Concrete Truck." The contest is open to kids up to grade 12 who have a relationship to an NRMCA member.

• All entrants must be related to or sponsored by an NRMCA member.
• Contestants are limited to one entry each.
• Artwork should be 100% produced by the entrant and be original.
• Entries may be in a medium of the artist's choice (oil, water color, pastels, pencil, pen and ink, charcoal, crayon, etc.). Entries can be a drawing, collage, painting or other two-dimensional work.
• All entries must incorporate a ready mixed concrete truck in some manner – but should not be limited to a picture of a ready mixed concrete truck.
• Entries must be on 11" x 14" flat paper. We encourage artwork to be on good quality bond or drawing paper, or illustration board. Entries should not be framed or matted.
• For contact purposes, please include artist’s name, address, phone number, age and grade, and the name of the NRMCA member and his/her relationship to the artist on the back of their artwork.
• Entries must be postmarked no later than Tuesday, December 31.

Entries will be divided into the following grade categories: pre-K, K-2, 3-5 and 6-12. First, Second and Third place winners will be selected from each grade category. Entries will be judged only against others in their respective grade category. They will be judged on originality, effort, creativity, composition and interpretation of the theme.

Winners in each category will be announced at NRMCA’s Annual Convention, March 1-3, 2014 in Las Vegas. Winning entries will be auctioned off at the CONCRETEPAC Dinner & Auction to help raise money for NRMCA’s Political Action Committee. Images of the winning entries will be used later in the year to create a 2015 NRMCA calendar; winners and the sponsoring members will receive a free copy of the calendar.

All entries will be displayed at NRMCA’s Annual Convention and CONEXPO – CON/AGG, and entries will be on display at NRMCA’s headquarters in Silver Spring for the remainder of 2014. NRMCA reserves the right to copy and modify any entry for reproduction. Entries will not be returned and may be used for future promotional opportunities. 

Entries must be post marked no later than December 31, 2013 and should be mailed or delivered to:
Kerri Leininger
900 Spring Street
Silver Spring, MD 20910 

For more information, contact: Kerri Leininger at or 240-485-1159.
The Manufacturers, Products & Services (MPS) Division of the National Ready Mixed Concrete Association (NRMCA) is pleased to announce that nominations for the 2014 Concrete Cares Award, which recognizes outstanding contributions in community service by an NRMCA producer member company, are now being accepted.

With ready mixed concrete plants in almost every community in America, NRMCA member companies are making a real difference. From Earth Day celebrations, to organized volunteering for Boys & Girls Clubs, local schools and recreation departments, to raising awareness for breast cancer screenings, ready mixed producers are at work every day in their communities. The Concrete Cares Award aims to recognize these efforts and shine a national spotlight on the positive impact ready mixed concrete companies have in hometowns across the nation. A donation, in the name of the selected honoree, will be made to the charity of their choice. The award will be presented at NRMCA’s Annual Convention, March 1-3, 2014 in Las Vegas, during the Association’s annual Awards Breakfast.

Ready mixed concrete producers that are members of NRMCA are eligible for nomination. To check out past honorees and submit a nomination for consideration, please use the form found here and forward the nomination form and supporting materials to Kathleen Carr-Smith, senior vice president, membership and communications, via e-mail at or mail to 900 Spring Street, Silver Spring, MD, 20910. Nominations must be received by Tuesday, December 31, for consideration.
With more than 6,000 members and partners in the ready mixed concrete industry who rely on NRMCA for training and information, NRMCA is a powerful force in the ready mixed concrete industry around the globe. Click here to examine the numerous opportunities in the 2014 NRMCA Sponsorship Program to reach key buying influencers in the industry. Regardless of your budget, you’ll find opportunities that can deliver to a powerful, receptive audience at an affordable cost.

Sponsorship opportunities are limited and sold on a first-come, first-serve basis. So act now to join the growing list of members who support NRMCA through annual sponsorship!

For more information about NRMCA’s sponsorship program or to discuss a custom sponsorship package, please contact Kathleen Carr-Smith at or 240-485-1145.
Exams have been graded and results are being sent to the 38 attendees at the recent NRMCA Technical Short Course in Silver Spring, MD. The attendees are congratulated for attending the course and for their significant participation. The following is the summary of the results:
  • ACI Field Testing Technician Grade I – 17 of 17 passed (100%)
  • ACI Flatwork Finisher Technician – 9 of 13 passed (69%)
  • NRMCA Concrete Technologist Level 2 – 21 of 38 passed (55%) – Haejin Kim with SES Group and Associates, LLC, is congratulated for achieving the highest score.
  • NRMCA Concrete Technologist Level 3 – 14 of 27 passed (52%) – Lee Thrasher with Ready Mix USA  is congratulated for achieving the highest score.
Registration is now open for the next Technical Short Course to be held in Orlando, FL, from January 27-31, 2014. Course attendance is limited to 40. Registration information is available from NRMCA's Web site.
A Kansas City industry group organized a seminar titled "Is Your Concrete Chemically Dependent" for designers and contractors to address some of the restrictive specifications and the associated problems with construction. The seminar provided three professional Development Hours to Architects and Engineers through the AIA-CES, with NRMCA member Ash Grove Materials as the education provider. The seminar was attended by 75 designers, contractors and industry members, along with NRMCA Senior Vice President of Engineering Colin Lobo.
Rusty Owings with Hunt Martin Materials discussed the topic of minimum water content required for appropriate consistency and the restrictions caused by conservative water-cement ratio limits in project specifications. He illustrated several projects in the region where problems occurred. Lobo presented on the requirements in industry standards and the need to avoid unnecessary prescriptive provisions. He discussed options of evolving toward performance-based specifications and provided NRMCA documents that were resources to designers to change their specifications.

Pat Harrison with SSI discussed the requirements for successful interior slab on grade construction in terms of having adequate mix water, paste content, aggregate size distribution and other aspects of placing and finishing floors for a wide range of project needs. 
The session concluded with a panel discussion that included a general contractor and owner/developer. There was good participation from the audience during this discussion session.

For more information, contact Colin Lobo at
The University of Toronto has scheduled the sixth offering of this popular course on "Chemistry of Cements and Concrete" and is offering the program to industry professionals in addition to graduate students. The course is scheduled for April 28 – May 2, 2014 at the University of Toronto. The course is taught by Professor R. Doug Hooton and other world renowned experts on the subject matter. It covers the chemistry and physics related to cement manufacture, supplementary cementitious materials, interactions with chemical admixtures, microstructure development, and durability mechanisms related to sulfate reactions, alkali-aggregate reactions, corrosion and freezing and thawing resistance of concrete. A reasonably advanced knowledge of cement and concrete technology is required for optimized learning opportunity.  Handout materials on the course content will be provided.

For more information, contact Diane McCartney at 416-946-3791 or by email at Additional information and registration links are available online.
The December 10-13 NRMCA Plant Manager Certification class in Orlando is sold out. NRMCA has a waiting list for cancellations only. As a result, NRMCA will hold an extra class March 25-28, 2014 in Oklahoma City. Registration will open for that class around December 1. Until then, NRMCA will hold a list of names for the March class.

Please contact NRMCA's Eileen Dickson at or 240-486-1164 for further questions.
The new Hazard Communication Standard (HCS) from OSHA requires chemical manufacturers, distributors or importers (including ready mixed concrete producers) to make adjustments to their Hazard Communication Plan... is your company ready? Did you know that the new rule that went into effect in 2012 requires ready mixed concrete producers to change their Material Safety Data Sheets or MSDSs to a new 16-part format Safety Data Sheet (SDS)? There is a new criteria for labels on hazardous chemicals, including pictograms... do you know what they are? The labels must now include Chemical Hazard Classifications, Precautionary Statements and Signal Words... are your employees familiar with these? The new standard requires that your employees be trained about the various aspects of your new Hazardous Communication Plan by December 1... have they been trained? Do you know where to find ready mixed concrete industry specific training?

Another vital addition to NRMCA’s Safety Series, the Hazard Communication Standards Guide for the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry has the training and answers for all of these questions. This CD-based PowerPoint training guide provides the ready mixed concrete producer with the tools to train employees on OSHA’s new Hazard Communication Standard changes. The training guide includes a CD with training PowerPoint, trainer notes, attendee slides, sample SDS for ready mixed concrete, and OSHA QuickCards highlighting the new Hazard Communication Standard changes. Finally, a quiz and training documentation form are enclosed to help keep track of personnel training. 

To obtain your guide please click here or call the NRMCA publications department at 240-485-1165. For more information, contact Gary Mullings at
NRMCA’s annual Dispatcher Forum Workshop will be held February 18-20 in Silver Spring, MD, (metro Washington, DC) at the RMC Research & Education Foundation Center. The seminar includes concrete technical topics as they relate to the dispatcher's job, the latest update on drivers' hours of service regulations, scheduling, order taking and customer service-phone skill building exercises. Special care is taken to address dispatchers’ challenges in today’s difficult environment.
Click here for registration options, more information and NRMCA staff contact.
NRMCA will host a free Webinar on Monday, December 16, from 3 - 4 p.m. Eastern time to update concrete industry professionals on key sustainability issues facing the industry, and NRMCA tools and initiatives to help members address these issues. The green building movement continues to expand at an unprecedented rate, and there are many opportunities and challenges for the concrete industry. To take full advantage of these opportunities and address the challenges, you must have a full understanding of issues facing the industry and how these issues can affect your business. This Webinar will present the key sustainability issues and NRMCA tools and initiatives that can help you address them. This is the first of a series of periodic Webinars that will address specific topics, including:
• MIT Research Results
• Disaster Resiliency Initiatives
• LEED v4 and new reporting requirements including EPDs, RSS and HPDs
• Concrete industry efforts to address key Wood First initiatives
• Adopting life cycle costing and life cycle assessment at the state and local level
• Education opportunities

Concrete industry professionals are encouraged to attend this informative free Webinar by registering here. For more information, visit or contact NRMCA's Lionel Lemay at or 847-918-7101.
The Washington Aggregates & Concrete Association (WACA) hosted its annual winter workshop last week in Tacoma, WA; the main focus of the meeting was the movement toward Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs) in the green building marketplace, reports NRMCA Senior Vice President of Sustainable Development Lionel Lemay who attended the meeting. WACA Executive Director Bruce Chattin assembled a group of speakers representing the academic, design, construction and manufacturing communities to lay out the new requirements for material reporting in LEED v4, including EPDs. Kate Simonen of the University of Washington described the EPD process. Don Davies, a structural engineer with Magnusson Klemencic & Associates, described how the design community will use the information described in EPDs to make informed decisions on structural materials. Jeff Davis of Central Concrete, the first concrete company in North America to verify an EPD, described how it is leveraging its EPD and other sustainability initiatives into a market advantage in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Lemay described the business case for moving toward reporting environmental impacts through EPDs and other reports required in LEED v4, including Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) reports and Health Product Declarations (HPDs). He also described the many programs and tools available to concrete producers to help meet these new requirements, including the NRMCA EPD Program.

For more information, visit or contact Lionel Lemay at or 847-918-7101.
The deadline for submitting abstracts for NRMCA’s 2014 International Concrete Sustainability Conference scheduled is Saturday, November 30. The ninth annual conference is scheduled for May 12-15 just outside Boston at the Hyatt Regency Cambridge. The conference will provide learning and networking opportunities on the latest advances, technical knowledge, continuing research, tools and solutions for sustainable concrete manufacturing and construction. Researchers, academics, students, engineers, architects, contractors, public works officials, material suppliers and concrete industry professionals are invited to submit abstracts. Suggested topics include the latest developments related to design, specifying, manufacturing, testing, construction, maintenance, and research of concrete as it relates to sustainability.

Abstracts can be submitted online by November 30. The 2014 International Concrete Sustainability Conference is being held in conjunction with the MIT Concrete Sustainability Hub Showcase scheduled for May 15. Registrants for the 2014 International Concrete Sustainability Conference will have the option of attending both events.

For additional detail, visit or contact NRMCA' s Lionel Lemay at or 847-918-7101.
Media articles on Congress, transportation infrastructure, regulation, taxes and other subjects, each of which relate to the ready mixed concrete industry, are updated each week by NRMCA's Government Affairs staff. To access the most recent compilation of articles for the Week of November 11 - 15, please click here.

If you would like to receive this weekly updated link in a separate e-mail, or if you have questions or comments about the roundup, contact NRMCA’s Elizabeth Fox at
The third class in NRMCA's sales certification series, Fundamentals of RMC Accounting, Finance, and Business Law: CCSP Module III, Business Knowledge, will be held February 11 - 13, 2014, in Silver Spring, MD. The curriculum stands alone; attendees do NOT have to attend CCSP I or II first. Class content shows how to use break-even analysis, fundamentals, cash flow, fundamentals of contract law, collections and antitrust regulation. Each is critical to a producer to assure sales staff sell every cubic yard profitably. The class only runs once a year.

CCSP III is a required class in the STEPS Sales and Promotion program.
Click here for more course information, staff contact and registration options.
NRMCA's November Internet Spotlight are the ASTM Standards for Ready-Mixed Concrete, 5th Edition and the ASTM Standards for Concrete Technician Certification Manual. NRMCA Members only can purchase either or both publications BELOW the ASTM Retail Value!

• ASTM Standards for Ready-Mixed Concrete, 5th Edition -This compilation of 38 current ASTM standards related to ready mixed concrete includes the principal specifications and test methods that are referenced in ASTM C94/C94M Specification for Ready-Mixed Concrete. The compilation also includes the Manual of Aggregate and Concrete Testing.
Member price is $110 per copy, plus shipping. Member price for quantities of 10 or more is $110, plus shipping.

• ASTM Standards for Concrete Technician Certification Manual - This publication includes 12 ASTM practices and test methods related to testing fresh and hardened concrete, including those required for ACI grade 1 field-testing and strength testing technician certification.
Member price is $42 per copy, plus shipping. Member price for quantities of 50 or more is $35, plus shipping.
*Please note that e-mail and direct links to each event listed below can be accessed from NRMCA's Web site.

November 22, Free Webinar
Streets & Roads Promotion & Advocacy
Email: Glenn Ochsenreiter, 240-485-1140
December 2, Free Webinar
RMC Research & Education Foundation Program Overview
Email: Jennifer LeFevre
December 2-3, Online Course
Designing Pervious Concrete Pavement for Municipal & Commercial Applications
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
December 3, Webinar
Roller Compacted Concrete: Another Choice for Pavement
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
December 3, Sacramento, CA
Handling Concrete Specifications, Low Strength Problems and Mixture Submittals
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
December 3-5, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP II: Customer Business Knowledge
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
December 4, Glendora, CA
Handling Concrete Specifications, Low Strength Problems and Mixture Submittals
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
December 4-6, Orlando, FL
Environmental Certification Course
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
December 5, Free Webinar
Streets & Roads Team Building & Situation Analysis
Email: Glenn Ochsenreiter, 240-485-1140
December 9, Silver Spring, MD
Regional ConcreteWorks, Atlantic Region
Email: Nicole Maher, 240-485-1158
December 9-12, Online Course and Certification
Concrete's Role in Sustainable Development
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
December 10-13, Orlando, FL *Sold Out
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
December 16, Free Webinar
NRMCA Concrete Sustainability Update
E-mail: Lionel Lemay, 847-918-7101
December 23, Webinar
Designing and Specifying Pervious Concrete - Part 1 (*Part 2 on December 30)
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
January 9, Free Webinar
Streets & Roads Promotion for DOTs, Counties & Municipalities
Email: Glenn Ochsenreiter, 240-485-1140
January 10, Jonesboro, AR
Pervious Concrete Technician Certification
Email: Rita Madison
January 14, Webinar
Concrete Pavement Jointing Plans
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
January 14, Free Webinar
New Radical Material and Resources Reporting Criteria in LEEDv4
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
January 15, Free Webinar
STEPS™ A Long Term Career Tool for the RMC Industry
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
January 20-23, Webinar
Building Green with Concrete
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
January 27-31, Orlando, FL
Regional Concrete Technologist Training & Certification "Short Course"
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 888-84-NRMCA, x1152
January 28, Webinar
RCC: Intro to Design and Construction Webinar
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
January 29, Free Webinar
Winning Initial Streets & Roads Projects in Counties & Municipalities
Email: Glenn Ochsenreiter, 240-485-1140
February 11, Free Webinar
New Radical Material and Resources Reporting Criteria in LEEDv4
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
February 11-12, Online Course
Designing Jointed Concrete Pavement for Streets and Parking Areas
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
February 11-13, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP III: General Business Knowledge
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
February 18, Webinar
Understanding Asphalt
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
February 24-27, Webinar
LCA of Concrete Structures
Email: Tien Peng, 206-913-8535
March 18, Webinar
Controlling Moisture in Concrete Slabs
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
March 18-20, Silver Spring, MD
CCSP IV: Professional Sales Skills Workshop
Email: Shawnita Dickens, 888-84-NRMCA, x1154
March 25, Webinar
Concrete Overlays for Streets and Local Roads and Parking Lots
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
May 6, Webinar
Soils 101
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
June 17, Webinar
Concrete Pavement Jointing Plans
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382
August 19, Webinar
Controlling Moisture in Concrete Slabs
Email: Amanda Hult, 303-953-2382


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Marcotte Systems Ltd.
MPAQ Automation
Putzmeister America, Inc.
McNeilus Truck & Manufacturing, Inc.
Clean Energy
900 Spring Street
Silver Spring, MD, 20910
Phone: 301-587-1400 Toll Free: 888-84 NRMCA (846-7622)


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