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NRMCA, Grey Matters, and other partners and sponsors are pleased to announce the first ever Global Concrete Summit. From November 30 to December 10, this first-of-a-kind virtual conference will bring practitioners, researchers and policy makers together to exchange the latest ideas, knowledge and tools to build the future of concrete construction. Experts from around the world will present on the latest developments related to design, specifying, manufacturing, testing, construction, maintenance and research of concrete as it relates to sustainable development. Topics include innovation, resilience, life cycle assessment, low impact development, social responsibility, human health and more.

NRMCA is a proud Sponsor of the Global Concrete Summit and is offering a 40% discount on registration fees.

Click here to learn more and to register; use Discount Code NRMCA40 at checkout to receive the discount. For more information, contact Lionel Lemay at or 847-922-7995.

NRMCA, Build With Strength and the Global Concrete Summit are sponsoring the Carbon Positive RESET!; presented by Architecture 2030, the event is a live, free interdisciplinary, practice-focused event for architects, planners, designers, engineers, builders, developers, manufacturers and policymakers worldwide. Sessions are being offered for three different parts of the world:

• September 8: North and South America

• September 17: Europe, Middle East and Africa

• September 22: Asia, Asia Pacific and Oceania

NRMCA is a long-time adopter of the Architecture 2030 Challenge which strives to reduce carbon footprint of the built environment to zero by 2050. Build With Strength and NRMCA were sponsors of the CarbonPositive’20 conference and expo earlier this year in Los Angeles where we were able to re-establish our commitment to the challenge

Click here to register. For more information, contact Lionel Lemay at or 847-922-7995.

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Association & Industry News

“Safety in the workplace has many dimensions. Our virtual ConcreteWorks session titled Preventing and Responding to Aggression and Violence in the Workplace is an important one,” says NRMCA Senior Vice President, Compliance and Regulatory Affairs, Kevin Walgenbach.

This session is just one of many offerings at NRMCA's first-ever ConcreteWorks Virtual Conference. NRMCA hopes you’ll register your teams now to get the information you need. Of course, all of us at NRMCA would prefer joining you in Colorado for an in-person event, but while we may miss the great interactions, the networking and the RMC Research & Education Foundation’s Walk for Wellness (seen here are the participants from last year's walk), there is still a whole lot to look forward to in the virtual program. The aforementioned education session is just one of many that you and your team can participate in from your desks; no airline or hotel reservations or time away from family required! The keynote sessions are going to be excellent as always – can’t wait to hear what Charlie Cook has to say about the upcoming elections. The point is – you should get yourself and your team registered now for this year’s virtual event today. And we promise, nobody will make you get up at the crack of dawn to join us!

For more information, contact Jessica Walgenbach at

Government Affairs

NRMCA and PCA will host a joint Government Affairs meeting on Tuesday, October 13, at 2 p.m. Eastern time. Make plans to attend and get an update on federal legislation, policies and political activity that impacts the concrete and cement industries, including infrastructure, resilient construction and COVID-19 relief legislation. The agenda and registration link are forthcoming.

Also, please be sure to register for NRMCA’s ConcreteWorks 2020 and make plans to listen in to Charlie Cook’s 2020 Election and Political Outlook as well as NRMCA and PCA’s presentation on how the election could impact cement and concrete.

For more information, contact Andrew Tyrrell at

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This Build With Strength (BWS) advocacy report provides updates on the COVID-19 pandemic and latest actions in state legislatures on a wide range of BWS-related topics.

Click here to access the advocacy report. For more information, contact John Loyer at

This course is an overview of the proper methods and procedures for transporting, forming, placing and finishing concrete. The material covers transporting, forms, placement tips, concrete conveying devices and curing concrete as well as precautions for hot and cold weather concreting. It briefly discusses some problems associated with improper construction practices that can result in cracking, scaling and other defects in the finished structure and resources to select repair methods. Total running time is 3 hours. Cost is $100.

• Fundamentals of Concrete Part 2 On-demand: Register *This course is one of a three-part series. To register for other parts:

• Fundamentals of Concrete Part 1 On-demand: Register

• Fundamentals of Concrete Part 3 Live Webinar: Register

Part 3 is currently being taught live, but it’s not too late to join. The On-demand version of Part 3 will be available in mid-September.

Click here for a list of on-demand courses from NRMCA. For more information, contact Lionel Lemay at


Products & Services

There’s still time to show your support for the ready mixed concrete industry and have your corporate banner seen by the top producers in the nation at this year’s Virtual ConcreteWorks 2020 Conference. As the leading annual live event trade show and marketing experience for the ready mixed concrete industry, NRMCA has shaped this year’s virtual sponsorship opportunities to give you sustained visibility and create connections during the event. Opportunities have been enhanced with digital marketing benefits that promote your products and services to the registered attendees, NRMCA members and the online community of industry professionals.

Sponsorships are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Click here to view and select from the list of available opportunities. For more information, contact Jacques Jenkins at 703-706-4865 or e-mail at


New Federal Drivers' Hours of Service (HOS) changes take effect on Tuesday, September 29. Are you ready? There are new changes are to the 30-minute break provision and the logging exemption. Do you know how these will impact your drivers? Answers, explanations and guidance on these questions and many more are part of NRMCA's updated 2020 Compliance Guide for the Federal Drivers' HOS Regulations.

Over the last 12 years the federal drivers' HOS regulations have been subject to numerous court actions and congressional meddling. Once again, there are revisions to the HOS rules; do you know how to be compliant? The HOS guide will explain what the law is, how the industry is impacted, and what your company and drivers need to do to be compliant. The HOS Guide also covers the new ready mixed concrete driver compliance scenario for Electronic Logging Devices (ELDs). To highlight these changes and show how they impact other HOS provisions, NRMCA is also offering a free webinar on Wednesday, September 23, at 11 a.m. Eastern time.

Please click here to purchase the updated 2020 HOS guide and here to register for the free webinar. For more information, contact Gary Mullings at or Kevin Walgenbach at

Last week, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) published a proposal to study, via a pilot program, the safety and practicality of allowing drivers subject to federal Hours of Service (HOS) regulations to “pause their 14-hour on-duty period (also called a driving window) with one off-duty period of no less than 30 minutes and no more than 3 hours.” The provisions of the pilot program were originally proposed with the newly finalized HOS changes that will become effective September 29, 2020 (see related item above). However, FMCSA chose not to include the split duty provision after reviewing stakeholder comments. If finalized, the pilot program will be conducted over a maximum of three years and allow only a limited number of commercial drivers.

NRMCA will submit comments in support of the pilot program. The comment period for the proposal will be held open for 60 days.

Click here to review the proposal. For more information, contact Kevin Walgenbach at

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Concrete recreational trails have become a significant part of local ready mixed concrete production in some states, reports NRMCA Senior Vice President, Local Paving, Jon Hansen. “In states that have a history of promoting concrete trails, the proof of those promotion efforts is reflected in the weekly bid sheets. The August 31 bid sheet from the Iowa Concrete Association listed seven trail projects for a total square footage of over 225,000 square feet," he said.

In addition to local promotion efforts, national publications like Rails to Trails can be a wealth of information on state and local trail organizations to connect with your promotion efforts.

For more information, contact Jon Hansen at

The NRMCA Pave Ahead and Build With Strength teams are asking for your help in locating existing concrete parking lots, trails, streets and roads, and buildings to populate their interactive website,

“One of the most common concerns we hear from owners and engineers is that no one wants to be first to try something they may consider new,” said NRMCA Senior Vice President, Local Paving, Phil Kresge. “With, we have created a repository of concrete building and paving case studies from across the country. Building owners, developers, architects, engineers and others interested in seeing a concrete building or paving project near them can search the ConcreteTracker™ map and find more information.”

Kresge explains that it is important to note that these are not just new projects. “We’d love to capture every project built and/or paved with concrete, and current/recent projects are an easy place to start,” he said. “But imagine the impact that a 20 or 25-year old concrete parking lot would have by being included in the collection. It is ‘living proof’ that concrete is the choice for longevity and durability.”

If you have a concrete building or pavement you would like to add to ConcreteTracker™, click here. Provide as much detail as possible and feel free to provide photos and/or links to in-house promotional articles about the project.

For more information, contact Phil Kresge at

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*Please note that e-mail and direct links to each event listed below can be accessed from NRMCA's Web site. 

September 2, Online Course
Fundamentals of Concrete Part 3, Concrete Standards, Requirements & Specifications: Standards for Production & Delivery
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-922-7995

September 9, Online Course
Fundamentals of Concrete Part 3, Concrete Standards, Requirements & Specifications: Project Specifications for Concrete
Email: Lionel Lemay, 847-922-7995

September 15, Charlotte, NC
Pervious Concrete Technician Certification Class
Co-located with Carolinas Ready Mixed Concrete Association
Email: Jessica Palmer, 864-238-7839

October 5 - 6, Online Course
Handling Concrete Specifications Online
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

October 5 - 9, National Mixer Driver Appreciation Week
Sponsored by TMMB
Email: Kevin Walgenbach, 703-706-4857

October 7 - 8
NRMCA's ConcreteWorks 2020, Now Online
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

October 19 - 23, Online Course
Concrete Safety Course Online
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

October 21-23, 28-30, Online Course
CCSP Module I: Concrete 101
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

November 2-3, 5, 9-10, 13, Online Course
Short Course Online
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

November 16 – 20, Online Course
Environmental Course for the Ready Mixed Concrete Industry
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

November 16 – 17, Online Course
Improving Concrete Quality Course Online
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

December 11 – 18, Online Course
Plant Manager Certification Course Online December
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

December 14 – 18, Online Course
CCSP Module II: Understand the Concrete Contractor’s Business Model
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

January 26 – 29, Charlotte, NC
Plant Manager Certification Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

February 10 – 12, Dallas
Effective RMC Supervisor Course
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

March 23 – 26, Boston
Plant Manager Certification Course March, 2021
Email: Jessica Walgenbach, 703-706-4852

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