ICF Manufacturers, Arizona to Host Installation Training Event

The East Valley (AZ) Institute of Technology, the Insulating Concrete Forms Manufacturers Association (ICFMA) and the Arizona Rock Products Association will host an insulated concrete forms (ICF) installation training event on Wednesday, November 10. The purpose of the training is to enhance the construction infrastructure to build with ICFs. ICFs are quickly becoming the method of choice for all forms of construction due to speed and safe construction, operation maintenance and energy savings, resilience, sound control and building insurance discounts. These benefits are creating ICF project demand; this training is delivering a knowledgeable contractor workforce that can augment a portfolio of construction services. Architects, engineers, concrete contractors and ready mix producers are also welcome to attend.

Build With Strength has recently partnered with ICFMA and launched ICF contractor training. The training is driven locally by NRMCA state affiliates and is targeting concrete contractors, framers, masons and other tradespersons who will learn the techniques to expand their construction services portfolio and be more competitive in today’s construction environment. As part of the Build With Strength campaign, NRMCA promotes sustainable concrete solutions for buildings.

For more information, contact Derek Torres at dtorres@nrmca.org or 973-876-0938.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association