NRMCA Commits to Carbon Free Ready Mixed Concrete Industry by 2050

NRMCA and the Build With Strength initiative have joined a global consortium of ready mixed concrete and cement trade associations and organizations in committing to a net-zero carbon emission industry by 2050. The announcement was made last week as part of the Global Cement and Concrete Association’s (GCCA) 2050 Cement & Concrete Industry Roadmap for Net Zero online event. The October 12 event officially launched Concrete Future, a collective commitment and roadmap toward achieving a decarbonized industry and net-zero concrete for the world.

“NRMCA stands with the GCCA and our sister association in the United States, the Portland Cement Association (PCA), in its effort to reach net-zero by 2050. We have a responsibility as an industry to address our impact on the environment and this type of collaboration with key stakeholders and policymakers brings us even closer to achieving our goals,” said President Mike Philipps. “We have a long way to go but believe that this road map creates a sense of commitment and transparency to deliver innovation around reducing carbon impacts of concrete for the betterment of society at large. We have a real opportunity to make a global impact and look forward to continued collaboration with industry leaders on environmental issues.”

More information on the road maps can be found for GCCA here and for PCA here. You can also read the full press release on NRMCA's website. For more information, contact Gregg Lewis at

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association