Oregon NRMCA Producer Member Updates System Level EPD Program with New Operations Data

NRMCA has verified an update to the system level Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) software program for RiverBend Materials, a CRH company and Association Producer member. NRMCA has verified newer operations data, including raw materials, from the company's concrete plants in the Willamette Valley, OR. With the update, RiverBend Materials will be able to demonstrate lower global warming potential (GWP) for its concrete mixes. Public access to the EPD is available on the NRMCA EPD website and is listed as NRMCAEPD: 20028 Riverbend Materials - EPD utilizing an enterprise software tool that generates EPDs at four plants owned and operated by RiverBend Materials, A CRH Company.

The software tool was developed by Climate Earth and integrates LCA impacts with a mix design batch operating system to generate EPDs when desired. The updated operations data was reviewed and verified by Sustainable Solutions Corporation.

The trend in reporting environmental, social and governance practices is growing and, with environmental impact criteria being discovered in green building construction documents and specifications, procurement decisions are leaning beyond price and performance. Where raw material suppliers demonstrate a lower embodied carbon for their customers, it will provide them increasing business opportunities in the future.

To date, the North American ready mixed concrete industry, including material suppliers, have invested into 80 verified EPDs with >32,000 products/mixes and is the leading material industry that reports environmental impacts. Integral to the Build With Strength campaign, NRMCA promotes Strength Through Transparency for member and industry competitiveness in the green building marketplace and the trends toward product and company transparency.

Click here to view the list of NRMCA-verified EPDs. For more information, contact James Bogdan at jbogdan@nrmca.org or 412-420-4138.

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