NRMCA, Louisiana Team Up for Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification Class

Recently, NRMCA’s Pave Ahead engineers Ken Justice, P.E. and Amanda Hult, P.E. joined the Concrete & Aggregates Association of Louisiana (CAAL) to present the Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification class to contractors in the Baton Rouge area remotely due to COVID-19 restrictions. With the passing of a local ordinance requiring pervious pavements, NRMCA has seen an uptick in demand for pervious concrete and a corresponding increased demand for certified contractors in the New Orleans area and surrounding parishes.

“It is important that we educate all parties involved when it comes to this material, including owners, designers, contractors and maintenance crews," Hult said. "Providing in-depth education about what the product is, how it is used and installed can improve the quality of the pavement system on a project.”

For more information on a Pervious Concrete Contractor Certification class, contact Amanda Hult at or the local sponsoring group for your state.

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