EPA Smart Sectors Program Releases Cement/Concrete Snapshot

Last week, the Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Smart Sectors Program released “Sector Snapshots” for eight different industries, including cement and concrete. The snapshots are “a web-based tool that shows historical environmental and economic performance on a sector basis. Users can interact with data that include a range of up to 30 different combinations of environmental and economic parameters to view trends over time.”

Commenting on the release, NRMCA’s Gary Mullings said “EPA’s Smart Sectors Program highlights the ability of the Executive Branch to work with industry and to showcase the benefits industry brings to our communities. The Smart Sectors’ snapshot is a great tool for educating these same communities about how industry plays a part to better our built environment.”

Click here for the Snapshots' press release; here to review the cement and concrete sector snapshot and here for more more information on the Smart Sectors Program itself. You may also contact Gary Mullings at gmullings@nrmca.org or Kevin Walgenbach at kwalgenbach@nrmca.org.

National Ready Mixed Concrete Association