PCA Unveils Soft Launch of ‘Shaped by Concrete’ Educational Campaign

The Portland Cement Association (PCA) announced Monday the soft launch of Shaped by Concrete, a new educational campaign to increase awareness of the sustainability, resiliency and durability of concrete made with cement. Shaped by Concrete will focus on key themes often overlooked and underrepresented in conversations and media coverage of cement and concrete, including their ability to meet sustainable development goals, decrease costs from natural disasters and assist with key societal challenges such as our nation’s housing crisis. The sustainability and environmentally conscious aspects of concrete are a core component of the campaign. General audiences will be targeted with content focused on these aspects as the campaign moves forward.

This new campaign is meant to complement and work in tandem with the existing Build With Strength campaign efforts as well as other marketing and communications activities from other sister associations. Shaped by Concrete will feature stories based on four core themes, with a strong focus on sustainability, exploring how these construction materials shape the world around us to make our communities, cities and country better. With impacts from climate change, growing populations and accelerating urbanization creating demand for safe, affordable housing, there has never been a more important time to explain to a broad audience how and why concrete became – and continues to be – the material of choice for virtually every type of construction through its positive impacts on society.

As the campaign progresses, additional content such as videos, articles and graphics will be added to the Shaped by Concrete website, while the Twitter and Facebook accounts will bring these positive stories about concrete into new conversations about the future of our society.

For more information and to explore the new Shaped by Concrete campaign, visit www.shapedbyconcrete.com or contact Nick Ferrari at nferrari@cement.org and/or Mike Zande at mzande@cement.org. Click here to view the full Shaped by Concrete announcement.

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