NRMCA Updates Presentation and Checklist on Concrete Testing

NRMCA has updated the checklist and Powerpoint presentation “Code and Standards Requirements for Acceptance Testing.” The updates incorporate language pertinent to testing in the current version of the AIA MasterSpec (December 2018) version and suggestions in “Who is Watching out for the Cylinders?” published in Concrete International, August 2018. The presentation discusses the following, citing references in industry standards:

1. Purpose of acceptance testing;

2. Different purposes for standard cured and field cured test specimens;

3. Qualification requirements for testing agencies and lab and field testing technicians;

4. Distribution of test reports;

5. Initial curing (at the jobsite) requirements for standard cured cylinders for acceptance testing;

6. Effect of non-standard curing and testing on concrete strength;

7. Responsibilities related to initial curing;

8. Reporting of initial curing information;

9. Estimating testing variation from test data; and

10. Criteria for core tests and establishing responsibility for low strength evaluations.

The presentation is provided with notes. Ready mixed concrete industry personnel, testing labs, and architects and engineers can use this presentation as part of local seminars and help ensure that the acceptance testing conforms to industry codes, standards and specifications. The checklist can be used as a handout with the presentation and can also be used as part of pre-construction meetings and mixture submittals. TIP 16 on Evaluating Strength Test Results can also be used as a handout with the presentation.

The presentation and checklist were developed by the NRMCA Research Engineering and Standards Committee with assistance from the Colorado Ready Mixed Concrete Association.

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