NRMCA Joins NRMCA Producer Member Dolese Bros. in Talking Parking Lots

Recently, NRMCA’s Amanda Hult and Phil Kresge joined Dolese Bros.' Duane Coy in Oklahoma City for a Boot Camp with JE Dunn. While parking lots were not a focus of his business, Eric with JE Dunn admitted that he could see this as a benefit and would like to add this as a service to his clients. Eric encouraged NRMCA to reach out to other JE Dunn offices and provide them with the same training opportunities.

While in Oklahoma City, Coy organized a workshop for engineers in the area. Several geotechnical firms were represented in the group. “Geotechnical engineers are key in the design of concrete pavements for parking lots," Hult said. "Many civil designers rely heavily on the pavement recommendations placed in those reports for their designs. Having a workshop like this is ideal in that you can reach many offices in one setting and can provide them the necessary tools to properly design a parking lot.”

In the workshop Hult and Kresge provided design information on full depth concrete parking lots along with information on concrete overlays and the Design Assistance Program. Hult and Kresge walked the attendees through the Concrete Pavement Analyst and Pavement Designer software.

If you would like more information on Concrete Bootcamps or to schedule a training workshop, contact Amanda Hult or the Local Paving Representative in your area.

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