Shopping Center Show Nets Record Results for NRMCA

A record number of interested visitors stopped at the NRMCA booth last week at the International Conference of Shopping Centers (ICSC) RECon conference in Las Vegas, reports Senior Vice President, Local Paving, Jon Hansen. "Even though attendance and booth numbers were down, our lead generation activity was up over 40%,” said Hansen who was joined at the booth by fellow NRMCA senior vice president Phil Kresge and Nathan Forrest, pavement engineer with California Nevada Cement Association (CNCA).

“2018 marks the fifth year we have had a booth at RECon and for the past three years we have focused solely on concrete overlays of asphalt parking lots," Hansen continued. "This year, with the creative work of Phil Kresge producing a 4-minute video shown on a 95-inch monitor we could show actual projects, from evaluation to paving, and it was a real eye-catching traffic stopper. The end results were owners, facilities managers and even some cities that were exhibiting, stopping to find out more and request follow-up for specific projects. Conservatively, the show netted millions of square feet of parking lot, and even some street and local roads, paving potential from all over the U.S.”

“One key comment from those that had specific projects in mind was the question of contractors to do this type of work. Our follow up will involve contractor groups like the American Society of Concrete Contractors (ASCC) and members of the NRMCA ASCC Joint Paving Committee. We will also be reaching out to NRMCA Producer members and affiliates in specific markets to identify partners to maximize our efforts on this huge opportunity,” Hansen concluded.

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