Nebraska Factory Tour Leads to Unexpected Concrete Overlay Opportunity

Recently, Lionel Lemay and the Structures and Sustainability team of the NRMCA was taking a tour of the Airlite Plastics Factory in Omaha, NE, to see how it manufactures the Fox Blocks brand of insulated concrete forms. Tagging along on the tour were a few members of the NRMCA’s Paving Team who were also in town for meetings. While walking between buildings, Senior Director Ken Justice noticed the condition of the concrete parking and loading dock area. Never one to let an opportunity pass, Justice grabbed Airlite General Manager (and tour guide) Pat Gredys (shown here with Justice at left and Gredys partially shown) and offered a free design assistance service to overlay the parking lot. The encounter was caught on film by Justice's NRMCA colleague Gregg Lewis, executive vice president, strategy (and much to the amusement of NRMCA’s James Bogdan).

The next day, the Airlite Plastics design team contacted Justice and took the NRMCA up on the offer. The paving team is currently working on the project; an unexpected one, but an opportunity that was not missed, even when simply tagging along on a tour.

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